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    Pigeon, fox, rabbit,and wildfowling shooting. Ferritting, long-netting, working terriers, 3 labradors and cocker spaniel. Going out hunting with dogs since 7 years of age (now 54!)listening to raymond1 crapping hisself
    while talking to me about happenings past and present.lol

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  1. leslie harold gedge

    out again

    when you get a day no problem buddy you shot well
  2. mik stay off my post don't wind me up again 



  3. leslie harold gedge

    out again

    I went on the pigeons this afternoon taking 1 of my mates brothers with me his first time on pigeons .I showed him how to go on .then he started hitting them from all directions enjoyed his company a real good laugh .we started about 2 after getting set up finished about 4.30 with 75 picked lost a few .well shot rob .nick taits ff5s again doing the job
  4. leslie harold gedge

    on the birds yesterday

    I went on the pigeons yesterday got set up for about 2.30 I was hammering them 3 nick taits ff5s on the go my pal got their at 6 been working we finished at 7 I was soaked from the showers that kept coming finished with 148 I think it was we lost about 15-20 in the wood.20 birds be hind my seat for today,
  5. leslie harold gedge

    Afternoon session

    we will soon be at them jok and the farmer wants to see good numbers .so roll on the 1st
  6. leslie harold gedge

    A few bangs on a Sunday evening

    nice one buddy its nice just to be out
  7. leslie harold gedge

    Enforcer Decoys (pro series)

    get your old decoys use tippex on the white bits bingo enforcer decoys its the white that gets there attention . fill your boots
  8. leslie harold gedge

    pigeons today

    notice the silver pigeon on the big pile
  9. leslie harold gedge

    pigeons today

  10. leslie harold gedge

    pigeons today

    picture 2
  11. leslie harold gedge

    pigeons today

    we went on the pigeons . it took us a long time to find some leaving us only about 2 hours to shoot I cant say enough about nick taits FF5s we used 2 of his flappers .I was on form today hitting everything that came near us .we finished with 48 lost a dozen in a big patch of ferns and brambles.at the back of us.
  12. leslie harold gedge


    picture 2 we used 2 nick tait ff5 flappers they worked wonders
  13. leslie harold gedge


    picture 2
  14. leslie harold gedge


    i went to meet my mate to go on the pigeons he was a bit later than he said by the time we got set up it was 3.45 we finished just after 6 he was two knacked to stay any later we finished with 66 on the clicker picked them all.the butcher asked if we could cut the wings off pull the tails out for the farm shop .then a workman came and asked if he could have 4 for his supper .a good couple of hours
  15. leslie harold gedge

    Enforcer Decoys (pro series)

    they must have sacked the painter who was painting them .my pal had some and they looked like a little kid had painted them