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  1. People will work it out I have loads of mates.that will vouch for my shooting something you have not got mates
  2. If you dont somebody else will.i have been watching a goose watched him for 5 years comes every year but not this year looks like Canada x barnicle white head yellow feet
  3. You really are a fool I never saw you shoot more than 6 but you always took more even the canadas I will have them we all laughed at you
  4. Well you never got it right when I was showing you how to.go.on.whats that about 4 years ago just keep practicing
  5. Very nice bell a pal has seen a white 1 near menwith hill while rabbiting
  6. You will find 3 1/2 shot a lot slower if you have not shot geese stick to the 3in will be easier to work your lead out .hope it helps
  7. when they are at my house ask them do you know this arse---- you dont like it when you get the flack .now maybe you will stay of my back .move on
  8. any gun smith will tell you dont use wd40 little pitting marks will become bigger ones
  9. jjjjj mental patient your having a laugh.been asking some of the top courseing lads about you showed them your picture what a laugh when 1 of the boys said we dont know anybody les thats wares nylon coats now pmsl
  10. what jealous of crows i laughed so much fell off sofa .some of the crows in same spot pmsl
  11. same picture some taken out lol look at the white stones porkys
  12. thats a old picture frost on the grass lol porkys if you dont get nowt say so
  13. yes bud its legal to shoot pigeons on sunday has pest you did not mention owt else only pigeons but rabbits can be classed has coney i think this was for the poachers so they could nick them
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