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Just now, Kay said:

The reason you have to donate is to stop puppy peddling , its something that was introduced a few years ago, the option to donate has always been there way before it was obligatory if you want to join simply to sell stuff 

I do not wish to donate and to be ask if i paid should not have been ask in my opinion.

All the very best

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1 minute ago, Accip74 said:

What the f**k is this shit?

.......& what's this reaction shite? That convict keepdiggin left some dumb ass face on a post I made? What a cnut!!!! Haha......truly wank on an Ipad......

Ain't you seen the new emoji's 


2017-10-29 18.14.33.png

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4 minutes ago, lurcherman 887 said:

You have to scroll through each page to find your comment. ?? Used to take you to where you had read too. Now starts from begginging 

Can you not see a star next to the topic title ?

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1 minute ago, F@ Larry said:

need sort that fukn bleeping out it like being stuck at the checkout in asda

I don't get the bleeping for some reason. But let me get this right, every time someone react to your posts or quotes you it beeps and annoys you?

You might get a few notifications as the whole site sets about reacting to all your posts now Larry! :laugh:

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Just now, martyn2233 said:

Always starts at page one when I want to read topics 

the star only shows up when you comment on the topic if you don’t you see nothing and starts at page one again 

Should be a dot instead of a star if there is a new unread post but you haven't commented on the topic.

Any good? 

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