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  1. Two canes and a bit of rubber work for me, and have done for a long time. Don't buy shooting sticks they are the biggest rip off out. Even if you want quad sticks just make them yourself.
  2. You still havent fixed the problem I am having with skipping to the last page on a thread, it just comes up with a blank page. I can't even see if you have replied to my last post.
  3. AAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!! f**k f**k f**k!!! f**k YOU IANB for doing this to this website. Juat when I thought it was working right now when i click on the double arrows to go to the last posts in a thread i get a blank f***ing page. Man I am pissed off.
  4. f**k. Yet again my addiction to russian prostitutes comes back to bite me in the arse.
  5. f**k. I've been away for a few days, i was hoping i'd come back and you would have returned the site to normal but it's still this f***ing load of wank.
  6. It runs ridiculously slow and the "next" button and the one next to it with two arrows just take me to a blank page which means i can only view the first page of any thread. This is on a samsung galaxy s7.
  7. Also no animal cam go into the human food chain once they have been darted. So the chinese takeaway's lose out too.
  8. I CANT f***ing STOP THESE f***ing EMAILS!!
  9. Why the f**k am I getting an email every time someone posts?
  10. There a four colours of fallow deer, Common, menil, melanistic and white. White fallow are relatively common but possibly the least common of the four colours. I know of two deer parks that have herds of white fallow only.
  11. Haha. Food consumption and average size of territory would be interesting, I imagine that greater food abundance would reduce territory size.
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