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It always amazes me when so called dog men expect there dogs to run well on cheep crap diets,running dogs are athletes and should be fed the same, when did you see a race horse trainer feeding is race

yes my mate reckons he fasts for 2 days then wolfs down as much sweetcorn as he can ,the result is it all sticks together and he said it feels great when he passes it.really massages his prostate. i

They probably both the same mate.

Said it before... Feck all wrong with cheap kibble imo BUT only as part of a decent diet of good raw. Same as scraps, they go in the bowl too. You wanna see the state of a roast chicken carcass after i've stripped it down for the dogs.. A Bombay Shitehawk would leave more on it..!!

Also talking about scraps, my dogs have never looked better than when my Mam was a school dinner lady and they got all that gear... Feckin ran well on cheese pie they did.!!

For me its always been about consistency, finding a diet that the dogs look and perform well on, is readily available and yes, cheap enough to buy too.

I use a kibble that don't leave great big cow pats (Lidl's complete is fine) and add with what meat and scraps are available. No point gettin all snobby about grub for a lurcher.. ;)

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Spot on Bosun mate, I tend not to use biscuit very often but I do use it as a bulk up when the weather is really savage.

I'm lucky in that I get at least 10lb of raw meat free of charge every day from my local butcher, sometimes a lot more.

It's everything from out of date sausages to chicken to mince to whole sides of beef.


I also feed all the left overs, in another note, I eat a lot of garlic and spices in my cooking and always feed those to the dogs and they seem to stay pretty worm free.

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I use Dr Johns Gold for all my gun dogs, lurchers etc as part of a part raw part biscuit diet.


Its good food at a reasonable price.

Its shit food at a reasonable price,as the majority of folk always seek a cheap feeding regime it will serve their purpose as their mutts are never expected to become much better than the shite they feed them,if you own a mutt you would wish to perform above the norm shite like Dr.Johns would never enter their feeding cycle.

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Lot of "my dog foods better than yours" these days, I use a cheap complete as a basis with meat, bone and table scraps and dogs do well. The reality is that it all just comes down to a balance of nutrients, don't matter if they come in an expensive packet or a cheap one just as long as they are all there in a digestible form.


If you build a house with reclaimed bricks it doesn't matter if those bricks came from a demolished shit house or a palace they are all the same once in the wall.

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