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Defrosting Meat.summer Time.

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I know the experienced lads will know this but the lads new to dogs might benefit from it. The best way to defrost meat in this heat is in a bucket of cold water placed in the shade. No flys.and no

They'll eat it frozen or semi frozen, I use a bucket myself but I'm not shy of giving them meat that's froze either

Dogs will happily eat frozen meat without any problems ... same as the ferrets I chuck in a frozen rabbit at night and take out the remains in the morning ... no flies no mess no smell ......

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Zoos have been feeding frozen meat to the big cats and other carnivores in the heat wave. On the news they even had mackerel frozen in buckets of water tipped into the Sea Lions water to keep them amused. IMO that must be taken on keepers or vets advice.

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On 10 July 2018 at 15:37, Jackknife said:

Mentioned on here years ago about giving frozen meat and got slated for being lazy..........

It's wise to feed frozen flesh full stop let them slate yas maybey when the lost a few through bacterial causes through flesh turned then they will have a different view,chicken the worst killer can be to welps when salmonella high in the flesh.i fed frozen all winter unsure. Of the suppliers of the chicken.do has you see winter frozen with a soup  drink..keeps them really well hydrated.atb bill

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another thing i've found about feeding them Frozen drumstick or wings it keeps the teeth in great shape , let's face it sled dogs are some of the fittest dogs on the planet and are  feed frozen food for half the year 

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I feed a bit a frozen meat in this weather but it’s not rocket science to defrost what’s needed. In winter tho i like to give dogs a warm meal in real cold nights, insulate them from inside out😳😂

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2 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Nout funny about it WK, totally agree

I was slated on here for it a while back, cos it wasn’t raw after being tipped in a big pan  at some brown pasta an loads a veg😀😳 I don’t care if folk think I soft, I’d rather a hot meal than a sarnie on a cold bitter day an between a hot meal an a decent insulated bed box then    It’s bound make a difference 😀

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Only problem i had was at greyhill they sell the meat in 5 kilo bags and it was off before the dogs ate it , now  i get 2 kilo plastic containers from a canteen  and only buy fresh mince and cooked mince  and fresh hearts and chunks and fill the containers and defrost one in a big plastic box it doesn't go off and no flys 

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On 25/05/2017 at 13:07, king said:

I know the experienced lads will know this but the lads new to dogs might benefit from it.

The best way to defrost meat in this heat is in a bucket of cold water placed in the shade.

No flys.and no chance of the meat going off in this heat as chicken can turn in a matter of hrs.

Here's an example.

Last summer about 28c that day.

I put 4 frozen chicken backs in a bucket of water about 9am.and placed in the shade all day.

8pm that night I pulled them out and through habit smelled them.they were as fresh as the day I bought them.

In my eyes it's a perfect way to defrost all types of meat

I would reccomend putting a clean brick or some kind of weight on the meat.

To make sure it's totaly submerged.

Enjoy the sun.

Haha exactly what I do cold water brick on top in the shade works fine in 40 degree heat 

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