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  1. Anyone had any signs yet ? Heard the vets won’t issue amprolium now untill ther is signs of infection ,, anyone no the cost of it ?
  2. Zilverhaze

    how times have changed

    loads of good dogs and good lads keeping them finding lads with same blood easy these days creates good alliances and breedings what whuld of never been made all that much easier we have the internet to thank for that and dare I say it mostly Facebook cos u paranoid old fuckers on here whuldet give a door a bang never mind a lineing
  3. Zilverhaze


    I whuld let anyone get a ride of my dog aslong as they were decent sorts and pups weren’t to be sold just out of Sheer curiosity to see what they come like it don’t cost me nothing and makes some one happy then so be it if it was related then even more so curious about the litter and making a new freind with the same blood
  4. Zilverhaze


    Cheers mate n yea
  5. Zilverhaze


    Thanks mate
  6. Zilverhaze


    My lil mate joe joe
  7. Zilverhaze

    Jonny bluck 😳

    Ok lads it's time to put a bit back in and show some moral support and help someone to be a proud owner of one of "Jonny's own line " chocolate patterdale pups. As we no of late Jonny's up and wants rid of all his super stock.. sooo due to Jonny's long years of commitment to these dogs .. His tireless help and support for Help the heros , The border terrier club, his un rivald dedication to numerous publications and if we are honest were most of us learned are deep depths of knoladge about terriers work I think it's only fair that we give him a hand to get rid the last of a line what goes back generations a life times work to good homes we owe this to jonny for al he's done over the years as a final send off from the terrier world 7 beutifull healthy full of life pups He only wants £50 each what a man Please feel free to advertise these pups and share my post for jonny we all owe him this at lease The legend jonny bluck 07854623592 jonny been busy today
  8. Zilverhaze

    favourite type of working terrier and why?

    For me Black and the only reason is consistency
  9. Whast the score with this ? is it any good ? Ime reading its banned then reading it's not if it's for birds what are not to be eaten any advice be appreciated pm if prefere cheers z
  10. Zilverhaze

    Rip poppy

    lee take no notice pal onwards and upwards mate keep ya chin up
  11. Zilverhaze

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Looked peter thanks mate same markins same jacket but thinner face had to look twice like
  12. Zilverhaze

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Thank you lads she's chipped n stuff
  13. Zilverhaze

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Nice one lads grand ther for anyone who brings her back
  14. DOG STOLEN 2 dogs stolen last night in co killkenny this young bitch and a pup scruffy c**ts broke into a young lads kennels and took her The dogs mine was being minded if my lil cusin Keep ya ones out lads please Any info confidential Decent Reward for dog back
  15. Zilverhaze


    Butch Pup for me for the futre