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  1. Ptd87

    New pup

    So davo a shit dogman cause they're all shit round his way, thought Bradford was full of paedos ?
  2. Ptd87

    Big old dog

    What did it taste like Deker? ... Can't even bring myself to try squirrel
  3. Ptd87


    no idea tbh never used one.. I bought one of those American bug fogger things last year,bloody good but don't seem to like pumping up the oil ... Fecking chainsaw revving it's tits off takes the fun out for me lol
  4. Ptd87


    I see some oil type/ gas torch ones on Facebook 50 quid with postage, will look for it if you like?
  5. Ptd87


    I went France and Germany with work last year... I thought the place was overrun same as Belgium... Be fu*ked if I'd have wanted the Mrs an kids with me
  6. Ptd87

    Hunt Trophy Moose

    Finally.. An actual law I agree with
  7. Went to one of the Mrs work do the other week.... Am a farmer who likes hunting so was savaged by some bird for nearly two hours about being cruel etc, daren't tell her to bugger off in case she were higher up food chain than my mrs . Finally someone told me she was only an office bod... She soon left me alone
  8. Ptd87

    Audi, BMW, Mercedes?

    Had a merc c220 nowt special, Bloody loved it, nice car reliable an went like stink...unless raining then it didn't really move unless it was sideways .. Would have it back tomorrow.. Swapped that for a bmw piece of crap not sure what model tbh but I got rid of it within 3 weeks
  9. That's daft isn't it mate... Why get a job then find out you hate them cause they're antis an same other way round.... Best off putting hunting etc on cv, then if they don't like it they can bin it and you've not wasted time etc.... Common sense ain't that common is it
  10. That is foodist and I will sue them an never work again .... Seems to work for some folk
  11. dont know why being a veggie would need to go on a cv... I will put capable of eating 5 Big Macs on mine now
  12. Ptd87


    Never understand this term radicalised as been said... They must be lowlife shitters anyway to even think about it shoot a few and it'll stop, if not shoot the bloody lot
  13. What I will do though is kick my vet right up the arse
  14. Thanks a lot chaps,,, I won't be using it as doesn't sound worth the risk.... Poxy Labrador shagged me best sheepdog
  15. Not a terrier I'm asking about but you may be able to help... What would be the cost of the abort jab for dogs for those of you who needed to use it?... My vet just said £250 .... Sounds a bloody lot to me to save unwanted pups