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  1. Ptd87

    Dog aggressive to me

    If he rips a claw again mate sort out his paw, and then give him some ribs .. if it was me I'd see it as my mistake and carry on as normal but with food training like been said above... why kennel him for a couple of weeks it just f*ck the routine up for you both... All the best
  2. Ptd87

    Guard dogs

    Mine 6 months old now and yes they look like evil little werewolves lol
  3. Ptd87

    Guard dogs

  4. Ptd87

    Guard dogs

    I have 2 Belgian shepherds but the laekenois type not Malinois ... Biggest trouble I've had was getting two not one if they don't get loads of exercise they'll send themselves bananas pretty quickly ..good dogs but real wary with strangers we had a Bandog before he were easier all round.. I find the shepherd a pain in the arse cause it sees everyone as a threat where as the mastiff seems to have a weigh up first lol
  5. Ptd87

    our local hero

    Good on that man, he was straight on it,unlike the young lads hiding under the counter
  6. Ptd87

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    pretty bad calling that random fella walking past a paedo... Apart from getting whacked for it for nowt if there were any local lads about the poor f****r could have been called a paedo for life
  7. Ptd87

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    Hate seeing stuff like that .. Sad an sick .... The fella obviously done well but still needs to screw with people to feel good
  8. Ptd87

    dairy work

    Anyone hardworking and reliable, decent not necessary lol... Could have a hell of a job/lifestyle, trouble is the fuckers can't be bothered that is a fact ... Been farming since I left school, was hard cause I'm not from farming family but done ok.. I knocked up my bosses daughter so we're married now
  9. Ptd87

    Forum lifespan

    Your not missing much .... Either wants to shag your family or fight you... Fairly boring really
  10. Ptd87

    Forum lifespan

    Needs getting rid of ... Not just on here either
  11. Ptd87

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    A deer or similar? Eye left hand side, snout to the right
  12. Ptd87

    Forum lifespan

    I've had plenty of pm off the moron ... Only thing that got rid (hope) is ignoring him... Comes out with some sick shit he does
  13. Ptd87

    kerny bashing thread

    If your as lucky as me he won't f***ing stop..... He's as thick as shit too so it's not even good hate mail
  14. Ptd87

    Forum lifespan

    Your a cruel fella you.... Why you wanna make kids spend time with that c**t
  15. Ptd87

    Forum lifespan

    He fecking can't have.... He's spent the last 24hrs pm ing me a load of shit so he can't have owt better to do ..... Saddo