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  1. Seen a few vids with coyote and those American badges.... them badgers dig quicker than a jcb an a coyote look way too much for a terrier i thought but I don't know first hand
  2. Fair enough perhaps the other crazy fuxkers leave you be then
  3. Bull whippets You lot must've caught that chink flu or summat it's sent you daft ... good luck with it
  4. Cracking whippets lads You should get some terriers an bush a few rabbits to them
  5. May not be the same chap but I remember a fella a while ago who was jacking the lot in to look after his sick wife... broke my bloody heart that did... brave man
  6. i had a bitch yrs ago that was no good to me... some lovely middle aged lady came and rehomed her.... she bred the poor bugger literally to death unless it's family or friends do your homework cause some of these people can bullshit you so much you'd think it were true
  7. The collie x stood next too it be a goodun though I bet
  8. I'd just be happy me dog went down the feckin hole mate ... keep hold of it...come good in the season
  9. Lovely pups Best of luck with them all..I keep sheep so have full bred collies... I've not got the workload to use them just for sheep so I hunt with them as well, one dog can go beating for a day the rest aren't gunshy but don't like it much..just mooching either day or night is sort of my thing .... if they can catch it they'll kill it I don't think rabbits are difficult for them, we,re lambing at min so they're out 24/7 with me, they see a Charlie round the shed he's done .... I've had too many collies really and I've had ONE good one which is like gold to me, the rest all have had some
  10. Couple of better pics of my Belgian gremlin mutts I posted further back ...
  11. If he rips a claw again mate sort out his paw, and then give him some ribs .. if it was me I'd see it as my mistake and carry on as normal but with food training like been said above... why kennel him for a couple of weeks it just f*ck the routine up for you both... All the best
  12. Mine 6 months old now and yes they look like evil little werewolves lol
  13. I have 2 Belgian shepherds but the laekenois type not Malinois ... Biggest trouble I've had was getting two not one if they don't get loads of exercise they'll send themselves bananas pretty quickly ..good dogs but real wary with strangers we had a Bandog before he were easier all round.. I find the shepherd a pain in the arse cause it sees everyone as a threat where as the mastiff seems to have a weigh up first lol
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