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Bringing A Bitch Into Season

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My bitch looked like she was about to break down, all dogs wanted to mount her she went off her food, acting a bit different etc. This was nearly 4 weeks ago now. She stil hadnt come then took a knock last week hitting something, puncturing her chest which saw her layed up for a week where I wasn't sure she'd ever be right again. She went from being on deaths door to jumping all over me when I got in from work to having a blinding 3 or 4 days graft rescently and will be out again this week.


Anyway, I know there is an injection to bring them in but also know it can mess with them once done. Any info from lads that have used it or any other alternatives ??



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If your working the bitch hard that could delay her seasonal break as could the trauma to her chest. What age is the bitch?Has she had seasons before if so 6 monthly or yearly? If you can kennel her with or near another bitch that is in season if she due that will usually bring them in. Wouldnt go down the jab route unless some critical reason.Just let nature take its course

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I know a couple of lads that have had the jab and the bitch hasn't took.Ive heard a teaspoon of wheatgerm oil on their grub once a day is meant to bring them in and royal jelly is meant to be another natural product that can help.

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Thanks 👍🏻


She's 6 and her seasons have always been irregular, sometimes 6 months apart sometimes once a year and once she's had what seemed like two on the trot. I'm in the perfect position now to bring on a pup as are the lads that want pups from her and don't want to leave it too late, even tho she seems indestructible to me I know full well she isn't and would kick myself if I didn't breed her then something happen to her.

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Let nature do it's job .

Ease back on her work if she's fit and let her loose a bit condition ( not get fat mind )

But let her put on a pound or two and if you can kennel her near another bitch in season which might bring her in.

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I used royal jelly tablets ,and mine came in,not sure if it was coincidence,but I was advised give for 15 days and she came in on the 15th day.

There's a drug they use for pigs etc but I personally wouldn't use it.

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I've been wondering if there's anything I could use to try bring my dog in to season also. She's 3 1/2 now and hasn't had one yet, been to vet about it who proposed scans and ovary biopsy (at a ridiculous price).


Im not convinced on breeding from her completely as of yet like but would be nice to know the option is there. Has anyone had any similar experience of bitches not coming into season at all?


My dad said he had one years ago who was barren and never came in at all throughout the 11 years he had her. She used to be kennelled with a bitch who cycled regularly up until around a year ago but that didn't seem to encourage her either.

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