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  1. The opportunity was available to dis band AWL and give the Proposed new group an opportunity but some of the old group thought they could do a better job which failed to do anything for dog lads full stop. The Country Side Alliance continues to put the boot in to dog lads at every opportunity some things never change. Seasons Greetings to all and a Happy and prosperous New Year
  2. A few years back some of the ,members of this forum formed a group LAGBI and were warning about the attitude plans and behavior of Country side Alliance. The already representative party that was seated on the Commitee on behalf of Lurchers and longdogs changed its name to AWL and asked everyone to join them and the Country Alliance to fight for Lurcher work alongside other Country side activities well well well here we are few years down the road and stabbed in the back once again,
  3. Black white Brown what ever religion or culture if convicted of Pedophilia hang the b*****ds. No rehabilitation works on these sick b*****ds stretch their necks and then no colour creed or religion enters into it,
  4. Mcgregor got a good hiding all his talk and bollocks he got shown up for what he is.
  5. it was a summary of the whole days events you sad c**t
  6. i was meeting up with Rich You came with him and hutch yes i remember now. you asked to slip my bitch I didnt ask you ,I was sat in the car talking to Hutch . your pup and Nero caught nothing so it wasnt much of a day to remember dont remember the Chippy why would it bother me what you ate doesnt affect me does it
  7. Dream on daft twat where did you pick me up? and which ofmy dogs did you slip
  8. If thats a jibe at me ? Lets see if your still working dogs at my age and I GUARANTEE I am out on the land more than you are
  9. I DIDNT DEFEND f**k ALL i told how it is as for knowing about salukis and working them you and the Fireman know f**k all so go back to ferreting or what ever you do numb c**t.
  10. They havent gone out to hunt a honey badger and they dont halal them. They are dangerous vicious little feckers thye pups will have been free hunting not slipped on anything they will have got on it themselves its a sure way to get an inexperienced dog ripped up he should have took them off
  11. Most Arabs Train Salukis to pin the quarry not kill it so then it can be halaled for the table. Those are two pups hence they are trying to pin it not kill it but you experts know all about salukis my arse,
  12. 3 pages of pure bollocks, its a year old sapling that somebody thinks is a cash cow let it grow and work for a living first ffs.
  13. The guy has probably never owned or worked hunting dogs of any description.Going through the lists of breeds he suggests shows a typical kc breed standard mentality , no doubt hes done plenty of reading to write his thesis and obtain his doctorate but what he writes though interesting needs several doses of salt to be taken with it. Tests under predetermined conditions though an aid are no substitute for hands on working and generations of field experience under real life conditions. You would expect Vets who specialise in canines to be good at what they do but reality often proves that is n
  14. Salukis its a business partnership plain and simple he or she instinctively know more about hunting and running than you ever will and the saluki often thinks what you actually contribute to the partnership that is where the psychology comes in you kid them that you contribute more than you actually do.If they come to the stage of figuring out in reality you are a minor business partner thats when cloth ears ,disobedience and major problems can manifest them selves. End of lesson 1
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