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Bringing A Bitch Into Season

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Got a bull bitch that had her first season 3 months ago at 16 months old. Think if your going to breed and want to up the odds of not missing it. Couple of trips to the vet/ fertility get the bitches bloods done. Ok it costs about 30 quid but atoest you know your stacking odds in your favour. I also put her round another bitch in season to try bring her in as I thought it was a little strange she hadn’t had one up to then. Within a few days she came in . 

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I know a couple of lads that have had the jab and the bitch hasn't took.Ive heard a teaspoon of wheatgerm oil on their grub once a day is meant to bring them in and royal jelly is meant to be another

If you can even get some bedding from a mates kennels that a bitch was living in while fully in heat and put it your bitches box might bring her in

Let nature do it's job . Ease back on her work if she's fit and let her loose a bit condition ( not get fat mind ) But let her put on a pound or two and if you can kennel her near another bitch in s

6 hours ago, moonlighter said:

No, she came into season regular. I was recommended to use raspberry leaf as it’s supposed to help with birthing. I’m not sure how, but I know women take it to during pregnancy. 

I think it’s for pre menstral cramps 🤷🏼‍♂️

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