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  1. this bitch out of stan to a reece bred bitch
  2. I remember you getting her a s a pup samba.....the year has flown by, What size is she mate. That whippet grey would go over her nice if they both do the biz shes about 30in mate
  3. buster was stans sister but different litter this was mating to get jerry
  4. Is your bitch from Platts? Have you stated her yet? no didn't get her off plats from Easington shes just over 12mth month shes keen as mustard to be honest ran a few things what beaglexs put up jumps for fun
  5. I bought a pure deerhound this was her at 5mth old shes now 12mth well pleaswd with her tbh just heard he bought a 3/41/4greyhound in few weeks back so not really all is stuff
  6. vit e and a jab of b12 allways works a treat that vet jab never right but that's my opinion
  7. samba thats smart any other pics this was sire to her
  8. samba thats smart any other pics our younger will have il tell him to put them on group on fb
  9. mine 5months old finding rabbits well at minute 3/4cocker 1/4 beagle
  10. deerhound pup now 5mths old and pic of her at 6week
  11. pure deerhound pup 13weeks
  12. whats the breeder being worming him with up to now? some vets will jab pups at 8 and 10week I prefer to be done at 10 and 12week
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