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Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

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Talk about "getting over it"....now Welsh TV is saying "At least Wales is still in the World Cup"..... because Nigel Owens is reffing the final. :laugh:


Anyone see that program about him last night? I had no idea he was that way inclined.

I know its a bit childish butt.......afterall Paloma Faith and Wayne Barnes are still in it too. :laugh:


On a serious note though Nigel Owens is the best ref around at the moment and most teams would want him reffing.




Agreed best ref... like listening to the ref, mike when he's bollocking the players

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an Englishman walks into a bar ..... there is normally a Welshman an Irishman and a Scotsman to but their still at the world cup .........

Unbiased punditry last night mind, man of the match on any other planet would've gone to Foley or Pocock but no good old Dallaglio and the other plank gave it to Launchbury.....and you all wonder why

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Was watching the bronze medal match, but that John Lacey has really put me off. The man could not manage an under 8 team yet alone a world cup game. he has no empathy for the game at all. He is killing the game with his whistle.



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What drop goal.

yep , and great player ,there the best in the world 2nd time again, , with this team now with every one a class act, be intresting to see if they can still produce a top team for the next world cup. i know they as country it a god to them playing the oval ball,but its not very offtern to get as good as this one been , i just hope they can, i backed them to win .love the haka , just love everything they bring to the game :yes: the wife said she get me there shirt for xmas lol . hope england can improve and last longer when its in japan :yes:

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There will be a lot less players from this team in the next World Cup Ray ... Retirement for Carter ... Mckaw ... Nanu etc .......

yeh thats it ken, most of the top players will be gone this cup, wonder if they can produce this qualty again for the next cup,?

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