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  1. paulf

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    I must be the only one who thinks the aussies will win whoever wins i hope it will be a good game, shame i'm going to miss it though
  2. paulf

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    Should be a good final as the aussies don't fear new Zealand like most nations so i will put my bet on the aussies for this one .
  3. paulf

    Weasel And Mouse

    Great stuff as usual mate.
  4. paulf

    Hunting In Mexico

    We got back from the riviera a few weeks back went snorkeling with turtles and stingrays the coral reef was great too ...do you loads of them f***ing racoons running wild there we did sitting on the tables next to us not sure what these are but they were everywhere
  5. paulf

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    I would of said Foley, it is a great name
  6. paulf

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    Been in mexico for the last 2 weeks so looking forward to rest of the comp ..
  7. paulf

    Young Connie.

    Coming on nicely mate ,i did like this litter myself .
  8. paulf

    Undervalued To Their Host Country?

    We have a few poles working on the farm where i work ,never moan with whatever shitty job they get and just get on with it . Yet i was speaking to a lad i went to school with and asked him what hes doing these days his answer was nothing no jobs too many poles ect ..now this bloke has never had a job longer than a few months not interested in working .So you can see why employers get these foreigners in . ps talking about polish girls theres one here called Mary even covered in cow shit shes a looker .
  9. paulf

    Hare Running

    I like it ,its different .
  10. paulf

    Pics Of Pups

    cracking looking litter.
  11. paulf

    In 6 Days

    Once them maggots get going they don't last long .
  12. paulf

    Pups Update 2 Weeks

    Big chunky pups them mate..
  13. paulf

    Top Life Tips

    If you cant bench press it, don't f**k it
  14. paulf

    F****ng Cyclists

    A big red ex post office lorry ...you will know its me if you smell rotten chicken ( don't ask lol )
  15. paulf

    F****ng Cyclists

    Every f***ing day i'm in that neck of the woods and its got out of control the hills around Monmouth are the worst and when your in a lorry its a nightmare . Did you see the other week all the road closures for the velofon ? ridiculous, couldn't move in Newport and someone even done the carpet tack trick lol