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1 hour ago, sid g said:

did you know the sparticus dog  , see him work  , or see any of his progeny work , ?

No on all counts, but I've been around a good working line and some very good terriermen long enough to know no terrier no matter how good or well bred or good a producer he is will have a 100% success rate with 35 litters. That's not to say he wasn't well bred and didn't throw good stuff I think it's proven he did and but not to that extent! Jmho Sid..

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My last days hunting with him, he was as good as they say with both terrier and spade..............his people skills needed work though ?

I no longer post to this site, however I watch. I saw Smithy several times at work, he was a  very big lump of a dog. Not kept at a sporting weight as he was always kennelled,  tall as yr knees. I saw

Late 90's granddaughter of smithy most of my stuff is down from her.

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On 17/06/2019 at 12:39, kcorder86 said:

Yes.Just wondered if anyone reconized her or seen her in another mans kennels was a number of years ago now.

My fault putting you on to the dick after Ken asked me if I knew of anyone with pups. There was a lot of lies told about what happened to the bitch by the lying prick Steve. There was also a lad called Fairgame/Spicey (old post on moochers) who claimed to have had found the bitch doubled up after he walked on to him on an earth, and he ran away leaving the dogs, and that he shot it for killing some chickens, though he did say it was an old 15 inch bitch, and she was only about 14 month, 10 month in that picture. 

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Did a fair bit of digging in the 80\s friend of mine had son of smithy,s big dog about 16" was a proper dog. Lots of patterdales bred off him made the grade. Dog was called toddy, bred to bitch ca lled nancy, a.cocker had dogs from him, and lots of his pups were in ireland, loads of stuff out of toddy were on the ground then.

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10 hours ago, black stuff said:

ac did not have dogs of toddy.He had a pup back of nancy for a mating to a dog of his.what you finnished up with.


10 hours ago, black stuff said:

ac did not have dogs of toddy.He had a pup back of nancy for a mating to a dog of his.what you finnished up with.

Did you get the post card mssg I sent you 

I’m back home Thursday 

can you give me ring 


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Feel i should put it right about what i wrote about dog i sold to a.c. Many moons ago. Information i recieved about what happened on that day was incorrect as it was only hearsay but was led to believe it at the time, however was not what happened therefore must apologise to a.c. Having been told the correct account. 

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