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  1. .ino mate, not worked terriers for years now. Too old and unfit now! Bruce died good few years back, also he stopped the terriiers job good while before that. He was into coursing for a good time and won the calendar cup coursing comp. Was very good dog man his coursing dogs were top notch, no surprise really, knowing him. R.i.p. Bruce.
  2. there are still some about , but like you said well diluted, some moreso than others. Lad on here still has some of that blood dogs still working them now.
  3. Feel i should put it right about what i wrote about dog i sold to a.c. Many moons ago. Information i recieved about what happened on that day was incorrect as it was only hearsay but was led to believe it at the time, however was not what happened therefore must apologise to a.c. Having been told the correct account.
  4. P.s. A.c. Ruined the dog he got off me because he didnt listen to what i told him. Dog was too hard on foxes, but outstanding on bigger things, wont go into details but he thought he new better, wish i never sold that dog to him!
  5. A.c. Had a dog off me, i can assure you he had dogs off toddy. Ask him if he had dogs off b.woodcock who was a top terrier man who i did most of my digging with.
  6. Did a fair bit of digging in the 80\s friend of mine had son of smithy,s big dog about 16" was a proper dog. Lots of patterdales bred off him made the grade. Dog was called toddy, bred to bitch ca lled nancy, a.cocker had dogs from him, and lots of his pups were in ireland, loads of stuff out of toddy were on the ground then.
  7. Have you still got hare and swift hound please, if so can you send me contact details please? Thanks
  8. Hi ,im in warrington how big are parents please, also is the bitch working and has she seen much, interested in pups, thanks pete.
  9. the colonel

    HW80K .22

    What a time wasting little tosser you are!!!
  10. the colonel

    HW80K .22

    Ok, if you send me your no. I will give you a ring.
  11. the colonel

    HW80K .22

    Have messaged you , trying to buy gun but no reply. Is it still for sale?
  12. hunter neo-classic neoprene lined wellies, very good condion, warn about 4 times. £45. half price than new! cheshire area. forgot to mention, sive 7 !
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