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  1. Nice dogs scarface nice to see them getting plenty of work.
  2. Never had the privaledge of meeting you,I would have liked to,I heard a lot about. Happy hunting were your going. R.I.P. Gerry
  3. Appolige acepted colonal at least you got the balls to admit it.
  4. ac did not have dogs of toddy.He had a pup back of nancy for a mating to a dog of his.what you finnished up with.
  5. Blackstuff. Clear some messages. I've been trying to write you bud.

  6. Chris how's it going buddy happy new year to you and the family.dogs going well I hope,see and your fellow men are getting a bit of stick from Cooney don't mind him so he just likes to think he's an authority on every subject anyone mentions.Are you hunting much these days if so are you getting many coons. 

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