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My last days hunting with him, he was as good as they say with both terrier and spade..............his people skills needed work though 😂

I no longer post to this site, however I watch. I saw Smithy several times at work, he was a  very big lump of a dog. Not kept at a sporting weight as he was always kennelled,  tall as yr knees. I saw

Late 90's granddaughter of smithy most of my stuff is down from her.

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Id say most of the tidy lines of black dog would have his blood way back in their line probably the most influentail working stud for black terriers i would hazzard a guess even the famous ac line could be traced out of dogs from him

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in the 80`s was a dog out of kg stuff called Sutcliffe after the Yorkshire ripper its in one of the fmwtc year books after it won a show they call it soot or sooty in the book .. handy type if anyones got the picture ..

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On 02/03/2015 at 21:01, pablo esc said:

This is going back to late sixties, and seventies, i don't know it all i wasn't around the guys either. He says, Smithy was out of jet, which cd, had bought, along with rags, and witches, and the father was a lakeland. Aldershot, a mr gooshens. And that was the name of his hunt. Smithy was the only black dog, the others were chocolate type colours.


On 10/02/2015 at 22:28, pablo esc said:

Good old smithy hey! Came out of jet, and the other one's cd bought of your man, rags witches,. And the was a huntsman, Williams who had them.


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2 hours ago, dillydog said:

Hardly fair RH, that's a piss poor picture of Rags, wet clay all over her doesn't make for a looker. Trouble in a better pose


2 faces and an arse sums up some of the lads on this site ..

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