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Added Bull/staff Blood

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here's a train of thought to peruse over. at the end of the 18th and into the 19th century, if we are to believe the history books, certain sporting types began crossing the heavy bodied bulldogs of t

what are the E.B.T.cross terrier's like when it comes to reproducing? I know when they were crossed into a.p.b.t. and staffords they produced some animals that were more than capable of the task for w

a edited version of the F.Buck interview published on the net in the USA Frank Buck’s first terrier came to him from his father, a gypsy who had kept his own type of terrier for many years – a line

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Nice bitch Tim, do you know what she weighed, my lad is 15" and 12 months. Looks abit bully but from two working Patterdales, seems to be a lot of this type around at the mo.cb8200ac1e9b75d563e938bce4a20f85.jpg

Very nice Patterdale you got there.



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Some really good information on this thread, and the pictures are very good too. A lad I know put bull blood into his terriers about 10 yr ago and is just about getting the size down to where he wants it.

what type of bull did he use mate did it improve his strain if so what improvements did it make and few pics would be great



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Some really good information on this thread, and the pictures are very good too. A lad I know put bull blood into his terriers about 10 yr ago and is just about getting the size down to where he wants it.

How many generations?

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Jetro, 15" and smaller sometimes, mates had JRT's bigger BUT these feckers had massive heads and we never weighed 'em! ;)

its hard to get small ones today, they sound like very handy ones to have around,

always prefered the smaller type myslef.

atb, j





This was the type I remember in Southern Ireland back in the 70's.

The skinhead culture was not as evident as in the UK but there were pockets in the cities.

These small staffs were everywhere at that time, some older Staff breeders must know where they came from.

Mostly a dark red colouring with black muzzles if I remember correctly.


attachicon.gifFirst Staffs registered in the US.jpg

The Stafford bitch on the right is similar in build, small, light, very agile.

These staffs must have been bred by the right kennels as this particular bitch was exported to the US in the mid 60's. (The dog with her was aslo exported.)

These are the first registered Staffs in the US.

She has a pedigree going back 6 generations.


attachicon.gifStone Bella 1966.jpg

Here she is with her owner at a show in 1966.


attachicon.gifOxcroft Rocket and Staff 1960s.jpg

Another photo which gives a comparison of smaller staffs in the 60's.

This black staff was from the Jolihem kennel.

The Border is Oxcroft Rocket.


Plenty of smaller staffs around in the 70's if someone wanted to infuse bull blood.


A lot of the Jolihem breeding would have been in Cuilleog breeding and CH breeding,we bred plenty of those red and fawn dogs with black muzzles back in the day.They ranged from 16 inches down to fourteen.We done everything with them, field work, trial work, and then some.All that breeding came from English show dogs,but people forget those show dogs were not long out of the pit and were dead game.As said before plenty of terrier men came to us to use them,and would mostly go for the small dogs to try and keep down size,we also bred some 17 to 18 inches, they were giving out to men for a different job.One thing they all had in common was they were dead game.


All Dead Game?!!!!...i think some people look back at the past through rose tinted spectacles...not so much come and have a go if you think your hard enough as come and reminisce if you think your old enough...an old boy i used to share a pint with had Staffords back in the 1960's he always said the % of true gameness in Staffords in his day was always very low...he had Rapparee and badgerlea/eastaff blooded dogs...they had a good drop of spirit and fire in em...but the old boy was under no illusions they where show dogs bred by show people for the show ring...as where Jolihem bred Staffords...they wernt true gamebred animals...since way before the second world war!...and just exactly how do you breed from a "Dead game" dog????...or was that just a phrase you read on a book ;)

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