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  1. Maybe I'm cynical...but...the ref jumping in when he did Saturday night came across more about not having the shine taken off Joshua's hype by Takam taking him the distance and spoiling his 100% KO record...than it did about protecting Takam who was going the full 12rds
  2. Two of my favourites from that era where Jerry Quarry and George Chuvalo...not the best of their time but two deep game and tough individuals...a couple of things to keep in mind about Quarry's dementia is that he fought from a very early age and hardly ever wore a head guard when sparring...he also had a bad coke problem which burnt his septum out...not saying these would be the cause...but neither would of helped...Chuvalo on the other hand went in with all the top names of the day including Ali twice (before and after his ban) and was never KO'd... is a pretty healthy and together 80yr old.
  3. Because of the dogs i had at the time i done both sides an back of mine...proper job concrete posts and gravel boards closed board panels the lot...for peace of mind and keep everyone happy and all that...two bags of postcrete an rubble in every hole...f**k trying to smash that lot out and dragging it to my next place!!...its done its job...move on lifes too short
  4. Out of them i've only drunk in the Crown bar in Belfast...the other 16 are on my to do list...years back i spent a weekend in the Chinaman pub in Dublin...they used to put bands on in the celler...suprised that ones not on the list!
  5. You have the right of it there for sure Mick...I would of maybe only given Pulev a punchers chance of beating Joshua...but with the wise old head of his trainer Ullie Wegner in his corner...whos taken a lot of fighter to world/European titles...I thought they would of came with a game-plan to exploit some of Joshuas flaws...and made a fight of it...but...Takam's tough...but not tough enough to keep me in on a Saturday night Some harsh sounding opinions from some on the Joe Joyce lad...when you think friday night was his pro debut...
  6. the holy desert the bread pudding with custard? no mate just on its own...nothing like the old girl used to make when we was kids...its like a cake...its all the stall sold...lovely old job!
  7. If i remember right they do a roast dinner in a carton out of a stall in Greenwich indoor market...proper nice!...(but my favourite stall was the one that just done breadpudding)
  8. Coming on well Lee...i like that a lot...as long as it means something to you thats all that matters...right bunch a peterperfects on here
  9. Teddy getting it spot on as usual!...we was saying before the fight Golovkin would need a stoppage in Vegas as he wouldn't be getting a fair decision...so no surprise really...big money in a re-match and all that...Saunders put in a good shift after such a long lay off...but Monroe should really think about calling it a day after that...we was having a good laugh this end...local lad Sam Sexton goes to Scotland to fight Gary Cornish for the British Heavyweight title in a few weeks...looks like the winner can look forward to having to face Daniel Duboius...f**k sake that will give him something
  10. Well one wouldn't want ones towel yucked in on one would one haha...you sounding like prince Charles there mate...may that explains why you referred to Saunders as 'pure scum' the other day over a bit of gym banter...now I respect Jimmy and Mark Tibbs as some of the best British trainers but as far as discipline goes well they couldn't stop Kevin Mitchell gambling partying&pissing the best years of his career away when he trained with them could they...Saunders main problem in the past has been fitness...under Dom Ingle he certainly looks like he's got that sorted out!...Saunders is by far
  11. Hes just turned 23...hes just starting
  12. Yes Rusty... he not fought anyone yet...but looks good so far...don't get me wrong here...im not anti black boxers just peoples attitudes to decent white ones...Sam Sexton's fighting Gary Cornish for the British title up your way soon...what you think of that one
  13. Race, colour and all that don't normally come into it with sportsmen with me...and I normally support the 'home' fighter...but the one thing that takes the shine of Joshua for me as a British sportsman is that he was happy to wrap himself in the union jack at the Olympics...happy to use British tax payer funded olympic facilities even as a pro...and happy to line his bank with money off British punters...but what does he do as a thank you to the country that gave him everything...he goes out and gets a massive Africa tattoo with Nigeria out lined...comes across just a little un grateful but ty
  14. Its Happening not this Saturday but the one after...23rd of September Manchester arena...Parker landed on sunday training at David Hayes gym...both fighters looking fit and ready...no hype or bullshit...hope its a good fight
  15. As the other fella said that's an old article...people still seem to have a thing for Fury even tho hes retired and shut up...I don't think he will be back now...and if he did hes spent too long out...mores the pity in my opinion as he made the heavyweight scene that bit more interesting...Tyson's cousin Huey fights Parker for the WBO title in Manchester in a couple of weeks...not that youd notice it as Hennessy have so far done a piss poor promotion
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