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  1. I have two kennels, one is 6x10 store bought chainlink, the other I built is 8x8 made from 4x4 post 2x4 rails, and heavy duty cattle panels. I keep one dog in each. You might never have a problem kenneling your terriers together, but if you do, and ain't there to stop it, you will end up with at least one dead, maybe both. Consider, what they were bred to do, hunt, shift, engage. If bored, or mad they will try each other. I had and hunted a brace together for 2-3 yrs. a male and female, one day my bitch decided, she hated my male. If I hadnt been there, it would have been bad. I lifted him, an
  2. Pritch, where did I say you had to be religious to help others?? I was stating the attributes of a Christian life. Did you read the rest of my post? I'm sure your a very giving person, sorry if you misunderstood what I really said.
  3. The New Testament was written by the men who followed Christ and heard him speak, with the exception of Apostle Paul, after the death of Christ until John the revelator in A.D. 90?
  4. Neems what history book are you reading????? Jesus Christ was crucified in A.D. 33, the Vikings were about 600-700 years later. How do you reckon the story of Jesus was based on their beliefs?
  5. Jesus wasn't some white guy, and he certainly isn't just for white folks. He is calling to every kindred, nation, and tongue. Your example of changing the Bible to fit ones needs, does happen, you just need to read it in context. The rich young ruler that he told to sell of of his goods and follow me, was hung up on his possessions, and Jesus perceived it while talking with him. He never asked all believers to be broke or poor, just poor in spirit. Which just means if a humble nature and not an arrogant person. A humble person can still be confident in themselves, they just don't go around bra
  6. What is the saddest thing on here, is that you guys have not had true examples of real Christian lives, your country has slid so far from God, and sadly the bigger cities in the U.S. are headed the same direction. Truly this world has seen her better days, and I fear what is too come. Someone posted earlier that a Christian didn't care for this earth, because we are too busy looking to get into heaven, I would tell you wrong answer again. A true worshipper of God does care about our earth, and our quality of life. I don't litter, dump toxics, poach game for sport, cut down every green tree I s
  7. Neems, not all Christians are weak pacifist. Your understanding of the scriptures is incorrect. There is a big difference in being meek and being weak. Jesus didn't defend himself, because he was willing to be a sacrifice for mankind. I can assure you we Christians will stand in the defense of the weak, but true Christianity isn't being a bully, nor seeking our own advantage at the expense of the weak. When that has happened, it was all the twisted thinking of someone gone astray.
  8. So what was this "real" reason for the wars ?.........just so I can sus out where your coming from Britain only entered the first world war imo so that Germany could not become a greater power in Europe.The second was because Germany had nationalised economy and the banks couldn't take their pound of flesh,the same reason we're attacking lot of Muslim countries now imo because they won't allow usury,especially obvious in Libya. Churchill admitted the latter. So I have a basic Christian belief and you think we would have been better off under Hitler, and I'm nuts ?.......is that right?See,
  9. Qbgrey, that's s real kick in the head. He shouldn't have acted that way to you. However you don't have to paint everyone with the same brush. I personally don't do the pub/ drinking deal, don't think that's what God expects out of me, but I can assure you I'm friends with folks that do, and I wouldn't dream of treating them wrong in any way. Where I'm from way over half of population are still calling themselves Christian, it doesn't sound like that's the case where you are. Maybe you just haven't seen someone trying to life according to Gods law, and you might notice I didn't say a religion.
  10. The faith that atheist have is amazing, far more than us simple Christians. To be able to believe we came from fish. Our bodies are made up of 10 trillion cells, that all just somehow aligned themselves into a perfect working order. The knowledge of the cell itself, it's made up of a cell membrane, whose only job is to protect the nucleus, and can't survive without a nucleus. Which do you think came first? The nucleus, or the membrane, lol! I just keep believing in the "man in the sky", I've personally felt his presence and seen the effects of his power to change lives for the better. I will a
  11. Very interesting post, I love reading the old history. Remember before registries, folks bred to type, unless they only kept their own strain. Old history from eastern U.S. States, a hunter named Mordicah(sp?) bred hunting dogs by type, bulldog x running dog x hound crosses. These were all just types of dogs that he crossed to get the dogs he needed to do the job. I'm as sure as anything bull/terrier crosses went both ways, some were hunted, some were pitted to rat or other dogs. I say it just depended on which type of dog they took after. Anyway I've enjoyed most all of the post.
  12. Nice bit of history. I had a neighbor in the 90s with some small bitches, I currently had one pitbull, and could never get him to tell me where they were from. He said them are pure fighting stock, and said I didn't want anything like that! But he was wrong I did want some of them little tykes. All you see now is wannabes walking fat 100lb. blue dogs. There are some good ones to be had, but about as rare as hens teeth. I admire the tenancity of working terriers, and have owned several over that last 15-16 yrs. It is easy to see the bulldog influence in them, even if some deny it.
  13. Thanks for the good pics that have been added.
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