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  1. Horrible losing a good dog....rip Tully.
  2. I've ordered it, never read anything by TC so it will all be new to me.
  3. Is it worth buying?......defo more my price range haha.
  4. Crazy money for a book, but it is supposed to be very good.
  5. Does anyone have a copy of this Saluqi Coursing hound of the East book for sale or know where I could buy one. I heard it's excellent.......ive looked on Amazon but I'm not paying $345 for it.
  6. No pal would have had I been looking at the time.....they all spoken for. I'm sorted for a pup now picking it up on Saturday bud.
  7. Fair play to Bob, all the pups look well.
  8. One of my best mates has got a bitch whos 10 yr old now bred this way she's around 28-29" and if I'm honest she's probably one of the best Lurchers I've seen. Her forte was definitely hares considering her size she turns on a sixpence and has a great strike on her. Unfortunately my mates back is in a terrible state he's not far off being in a wheelchair sadly, he's been a lurcherman all his life to see him struggling to walk is a sad sight. I learned not just lurcher work from him but pretty much all I know about the countryside it's animals and flora and forna.
  9. Was told a while back of a fell type x collie that would do most things a little lurcher can and more. I'd imagine a hard earth dog put to a whippet would produce some tough little animals.
  10. Nice one pal, much appreciated!.
  11. In an ideal world I would love somthing like a saluki grey x racey collie grey or whippet grey or along those lines.
  12. Cheers for the heads up, not the type of breeding for me personally though.
  13. Hi lads, as the title suggests I'm looking for a pup (bitch). Must be from well tested parents that take all edible game, for the land I run on pacey up and at them types suit best. Not after anything bull bred really. It will get a good home alongside my beddy whippet, I've met a fair few lads off here over the years who can vouch for me if required. Any help pointing me in the right direction of any litters on the ground or due from suitable dogs would really be appreciated. A.t.b Moorside.
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