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  1. Yes she is a cracker just wish I had more time for her More time or more like her to flog at £250 a pop for mongerals and that is just what they are like it or not.Why dont you give it free to someone that will bush with it instead of making coin out of it,thats a ridiculas price for such a dog,over here we give them away free.give dogs away free to working homes on the terms if they get rid I have it back but what people promise they never stick to
  2. Yes she is a cracker just wish I had more time for her
  3. First x beagle spaniel bitch just over 5 month old good with stock £250 West wales
  4. Beagle x spaniel 3 dog pups first cross lovely bold pups 1ST VACCINE VET CHECKED bred the litter to keep 2 so 3 dogs left could help with travelling £250
  5. Just wandered if any one knows of anyone that makes wax leggings made to measure there is someone on the fell &moorland site but its the wrong number thanks
  6. Could you empty inbox mate, ned to message you.

  7. My 2 just gone 4 months sorry the second pic not much good would not keep still
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