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  1. Our dog Buster, 3 years old.
  2. Thanks lads , used to keep lurchers/greyhounds in my teens but wasn’t sure what breed is in as he is a rescue. I see the deerhound but has more of a soft coat like a collie. He is a lovely dog but mainly a companion although he does get out at the weekend so who knows. Many thanks for all the comments much appreciated, atb. Here is a couple more pictures.
  3. And these were taken yesterday.
  4. These were taken when he was around 1 year and 4 months.
  5. We rescued this dog in November 2018, he was 9 months old and was down as a bull lurcher. Not really sure what breeds are in him. He is approximately 26 inches at the shoulder, around 27 kg, has huge paws, heavy bones, thick rough coat but legs and head smooth. Ball obsessed and has similar characteristics of a collie. Any suggestions would be helpful. Theses pictures were taken when he was around 10/11 months old.
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