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  1. I think a lot of the hostility about him at the beginning was from the audio which painted him as a arsehole
  2. I read somewhere the girl in question is back with him and her father is his agent
  3. He's had charges against him dropped
  4. Don't you have to pay for photobucket these days?
  5. "Thus stuff will make you a god Damn sexual tyrannosaurus "
  6. Theirs a good recent episode on joe rogan with graham hancock and randall carlson . Very interesting listen
  7. Talking rationally without looking a argument here could it be that the numbers here are no tiny in comparrison. Quick google says between 4k-6k population of mountain lion in california . I know someone speculated 1k of them here in uk and i think majority see that as wildly inflated . Even if their were 20 or 30 in the whole uk i would find it amazing
  8. Its a new documentary on him . Ony came out a week ago so assume hes still going
  9. Seems a genuinly decent lad .
  10. I read a bit about that but dont fully understand it . Didnt she have previous for being a nuisance outside abortian clinics and thats why they took her in
  11. Having a little companion is a great idea . Best thing my dad did post retirement was get himself another dog for company
  12. Always liked " we come 1 " and "salva mea" .
  13. No chance in hell i would want any of those animals around my house . House cats are temperamental enough
  14. If anyones interested i follow a guy adam greentree on instagram. Aussie guy who does lots of hunting , lots with bow . Some great pictures and videos on there
  15. BBC joins the hunt to verify British big cat sightings in bid to catch beasts on camera | UK | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK The corporation is throwing its weight behind the theory a population of large carnivorous...
  16. If were talking mistakes ive made loads like everyone else . The ones they say have none probably arnt thinking to in depth about it . Ive got nothing major just loads of little ones really . My biggest is Giving my mother loads of aggro in my teenage years . As a parents now id be mortified if my boy did what i did to my mrs. She is goldust as a mother and for a few years i would have been a nightamre for her and probably a embarassment but she stuck by me way beyond she should have . On a lighter note i made a bet one season on walter smith becomeing (hull i think) manager. Spe
  17. I sat my 12 year old boy and 10 year old daughter down to tell them about this story . I went into extreme detail about what happens when you fall in about hypothermia , nothing to grip on to to get yourself out etc . I worry about him especially because its something him and his mates would do without thinking . I told him if his pals are going to do sonething like this its his job to stop them not join in . It would be the end of me if anything happened to him or his sister . Im all up up chilhood shenanigans but stuff like this is just heartbreaking
  18. I dont remember cheers but i do remember her tweet about stephen hawkins cracked me up
  19. Think so . Sure i seen before she had kids so not sure. Shes always been good on QI
  20. I thought he was patrick swayze from that picture
  21. For once in many hundreds of pages on here their has been a bit of civility between fd and greyman . Why on earth would you come on and Stoke the fire on this thread . Im not that into who is who and who hates who on here but why would you antagonise him . Youve said you dont comment on religious posts when you know francie says that you have to him before . He literally posted it recently on katchums thread If this thread is ever going to drag itself out of the sewer it needs more conversation not confrontation
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