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  1. A while back there was a fella on here who did waxed cotton leggings (waterproof and thorn proof) by mail order. Made to measure for £20. I got a pair of him and they were the mutts. Unfortunate I've lost them in a house move. Can someone please PM me his details as I'd love another pair. Cheers.
  2. I wouldn't have one for s gift. I'm surprised they haven't been banned by the Human Rights Act as cruel and unusual punishment...
  3. Child asylum seekers arriving here as unaccompanied minors can be used as a reason for the rest of their family to be give visas. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637142/Judge-lets-young-asylum-seeker-s-family-UK-opening-way-thousands-legal-precedent.html And in other news, it appears Northumbria Police have received the same PR training as Cologne Police. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637105/Why-did-police-quiet-sex-attack-Syrian-UK-refugees-Girl-14-assaulted-gang-kept-crime-list-covered-BBC-Newsnight-team.html I look forward to my own quiet par
  4. They're cheaper than that on the dark web.
  5. Make friends with some of our European members. I've been on several trips to Hungary, and always had a great time! http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/312829-hungary-2014/
  6. I've done a battlefield tour of France and the Netherlands. I remember visiting this man's grave. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2631313/The-runaway-boy-hero-D-day-At-14-lied-way-Army-At-just-16-parachuted-France-frantic-family-hot-tail.html I shudder to think of the reaction among today's youth should our nation face a similar threat now.
  7. There are a lot of variables (what kind of sheep, what you are selling fat lambs or breeding stock, where you are). But, if you are on rented ground (and therefore not propping up your business with subsidies) then 700 at least I would say. And even then it will be rough. One of my sheep clients has 2500ish ewes. He seems to do quite well out of it.
  8. 50p a day per sheep?50p cheap then?? You want to expand your flock into Gloucestershire BlackDog? For that price, I will even provide all the shepherding for you as well, although you must pay for drugs etc. 50p a day is £3.50 a week. That's f***ing extortion! For sheep I'd pay no more than £60/acre per annum, or 75p per head per week. That's the average around my locality for sheep. Cows are about a tenner more. Horses, well that becomes a monthly rate if you can include a water supply and some kind of shelter. So that's a bowser or IBC and a wagon back then. Also, the tenant takes
  9. Jesus my blood is boiling for you pal. That's how loyalty to a firm is rewarded these days Unless you're the owner, loyalty to any company is a mugs game...That's not true, I run my own company, all my blokes are loyal, and they get just rewards for it, I lent one of them 5k to pay a debt off so he didn't get kicked out his home, -interest free, pay back what he can afford when he can afford, I paid for legal rep in court for another when he was charged with something he was not involved in but present when it happened.I paid for one lads driving test and lessons when he turned of age, soon
  10. My wife smoked for 15 years. She gave up the day she found out she was pregnant, and never touched one since.
  11. Property is a good way to make money. But it's easy to lose money doing it as well. And it's getting harder to make money from it as the chancellor hikes stamp duty for second homes...
  12. I really would give it away. There is nothing I want. I don't watch television, Im not a massive fan of foreign holidays. Buying a house this year but it's not a big one and we are lucky at having a massive deposit so tiny mortgage, and I really font want a bigger house. I have a corsa diesel that runs on fresh air and I wouldn't have a bigger car if you gave it me. There is not one thing I want lol You're a lucky man, and richer than most.
  13. Check on that law mate as with taking certain wild birds it's the only time in british law you have to prove your own innocence,every other crime(even murder) they have to prove you guilty but just having a wild bird for what ever reason your guilty end of Not the only case. The same is true of the Badgers Act. Down to the accused to prove innocence.
  14. And I bet it was bloody tasty too!
  15. I've got a fcuking phone book's worth. Do you reckon they do bulk buy discount? How much money do you think it would take to get joe blogs to bunk some off?? ... For me it would really have to be a serious amount of money due to the fact if I was caught if hate to think I'd miss my kids growing up ... But on the flip side if you did get a way with it you should be set up for a while Like you, I want some serious f***ing cash. But, I remember a case in London where Turkish gangs were getting black teenagers to do their hits. Apparently, the Turkish provided the gun and promise
  16. I've got a fcuking phone book's worth. Do you reckon they do bulk buy discount?
  17. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-cropping-nsw-coonabarabran-7819778 Buy that place and work it. On my days off, run pig dogs.
  18. I provided two fox back straps to a lad once. He made it into a Valentine's Day curry for his missus. Apparently it tasted like beef. I had a terrier that would eat fox. Non of my other dogs would though. I'll have to try them again with it.
  19. 205l plastic drum. Put on its side, and cut off one half of the lid at one end. Get another 205l drum. Cut into quarters and use them as porches for the other barrels.
  20. My father in law is pretty f***ing tough, but he has only ever owned poodles, white fluffy poodles...
  21. Good to read that. I worked with a McGintey, a traveller from Wales who drove Saxon APCs in Belfast.
  22. jesus thats harsh lol That's me Jiggy, I'm well known for my tolerance and understanding.
  23. It's always worth having a good suit handy. You never know when you might need it, weddings, funerals, police interviews, magistrates court etc. I'm sure there have been studies which prove magistrates court defendants in suits are dealt with less harshly than those in trackies and trainers. Mainly, because most magistrates are snobby twats who like to think they can look down on everyone from their elevated position on the bench. The speaking thing is just practice. Its amazing what appearance can do. Also if what is said is delivered with confidence people listen. It's the one of
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