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  1. I want my certificates back

  2. Thankyou Tremo Definitely a positive. Can't wait for the law to change, very soon hopefully If I hadn't have known and he didn't know, I could have been out one night and maybe got stopped by someone who did know??? He was going to ring me today to give me an update on what he found out. I haven't heard anything yet. I already know the answer though but it would have been nice to have the call. Still waiting for my temp permit to come through the door. I'll give them by close of play tomorrow. If I haven't received it when I get home, I will ring them Thursday and see what's going on. Not holding my breath there especially after the last attempts to try and get through to South Wales Police. However, I was informed by my FEO, they are moving Offices and that is having playing a big part. I would still like to have my temp permit though so I can at least go out with the shotgun.
  3. Exactly Walshie... I said to him I didn't have the ammo because I didn't want to be in the position, where you ask me what am I doing with expanding ammo in my possession.I also stressed it's a good job I didn't go and buy ammo prior to my licence expiring. The good news is, he told me they have made me a priority so, fingers crossed, I should get my certificate soon. Not building my hopes up though. It will be interesting to see what he says if he rings me tomorrow. I wonder how many other people and, FEO's out there, are not aware of this law as well???
  4. Well....My FEO came to visit me today. Really nice guy. I took him to see my guns and Security arrangements and then I mentioned to him that I don't have any ammo because I was unaware until last Thursday, that I could not keep expanding ammo on a Section 7 (Temp Permit) He had no idea what I was talking about and he said he had never heard of it. I showed him the BASC magazine and told him about the conversation I had with BASC. After the visit and just before he left, he informed me he needed to find out himself and he would ring me back today or tomorrow to let me know what he had found out. I'm just lost for words now.
  5. Thankyou Stillair. You should be ok because if i am correct, the law is changing soon regarding expanding ammo. Walshie quoted this as well and i definitely think it will be a great welcoming amendment.
  6. I think I have to agree with you Walshie. Well, my FEO is here tomorrow so will be asking questions. Maybe what I should have asked as well, from the beginning; has anyone on here been in the same predicament. Have they applied, had a temp permit and what has the FEO said when he/she came around. Did they have any expanding ammo and wasn't aware of that part of the law?? I doubt I'm the only one who has had a visit after my certificate has expired. I'll update this after he has been to visit me tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies and advice.
  7. Now I'm really confused. Just found this on http://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/media/uploads/cat-249/KtBautumn12-p40Certificates.pdf by George Wallace. So, do I now keep my ammo and wait for my FEO on Monday to see if my temp permit covers expanding ammo??? Should I have asked for this when I initially rang about a temp permit??? The section I found reads: 3. “The permit won’t allow you to keep expanding ammunition because that is Section 5.” NONSENSE. Expanding ammo and “missiles” (bullets, to you and me) are only Section 5 (ie. prohibited) if you don’t have a certificate allowing you to possess them. The police can put that authority on a temporary permit just as easily as on a full certificate.
  8. Thanks Seeker. Thats the main reason I tried contacting the office yesterday and my FEO. I must have made around 12 calls all in all. I agree with you if they did decide to prosecute but I really wouldnt fancy a lengthy legal battle, no rifles and so on, and then if I was cleared, how long before or, would i get my licence back?? I suppose a good solicitor would argue the law is the law (as BASC stated to me), ignorance is no excuse and its down to the individual to ensure he/she complies within the law. Maybe if my FEO had answered or returned my calls yesterday or, the Firearms dept answered they may have said its ok to keep my ammo because they are at fault???But then, would they also be breaking the law by advising me to do this? So many what if's......I think the best thing to do is to ensure im not in possession of any expanding ammunition whatsoever when he visits me this Monday. If he asks where my ammunition is, that's when ill start asking lots of questions. If he doesnt, ill raise the issue. He shouldn't do this but, if he informs me I could have held on to my ammo because the fault lies with the Police, I will contact BASC and see what they say. I think I already know the answer to that Whatever happens, i will update this post with what he said. I would love to give South Wales Police credit, but i'm finding it very difficult. Variations they were pretty good with. My first grant coterminous took 6 months and they certainly aint impressing me with their renewal service. And contacting them is getting beyond a joke. I understand they are busy, but ive tried for 2 days and keep getting the same message before getting cut off. It wouldnt be so bad if the call stated you are in a queue or something along those lines.Youre a lucky man with South Yorkshire Police. oh yes...I do like the quotes by Churchill and Bader On another note mate.....
  9. I feel for you mate. That is totally disgusting. Over a year is beyond a joke. Is that for your firearms as well. If so what calibres and have you been able to go out at all yes firearms as well bud and for ammo im on my last 100 for my 22 but i got none for my 17hmr ​My predicament feels like nothing now, especially compared to yours. I wonder when you do eventually get your licence will it then be back dated to the time your last certificate expired?? I think that would be wrong if it is, after all, you've paid a fee and I'm sure that should also allow you to have a certificate that lasts for 5 years. Out of curiosity, are you with BASC? If so, have you been in touch and what have they said?
  10. Same here mate. I would have held on to them for you, but alas I don't have those calibres either. Sods law eh? That sounds like quite a poor show from the South Wales Force. I have only ever had dealings with the Gwent Firearms Licensing, and I have to admit they have been spot on every time. Keep your chin up mate. Thankyou Tremo
  11. Update on my post: I tried to ring my FEO today. Went straight to answer service so i left asking him to ring me. A few hours passed and no call. So i tried a few more times later and kept getting the answer service. I then decided to try South Wales Police again. I got exactly the same as yesterday. The call keeps going through to an automated answering service advising you to call between 14:00 &16:30, I then got cut off. The amazing thing is, i rang several times and all calls were between the hours. Its a joke. I contacted BASC and they have told me if i do keep the ammo with a RFD keep the receipts if they charge and forward them to the Firearms department. They also said the law regarding expanding ammo should hopefully change in the next few months. This confirms what Walshie posted earlier. Thankyou Walshie
  12. I feel for you mate. That is totally disgusting. Over a year is beyond a joke. Is that for your firearms as well. If so what calibres and have you been able to go out at all
  13. That's the point though. If you get issued a section 7 instead, you're holding all that ammo illegally. Exactly Walshie..Good job I didn't go by any ammo as I intended to do before my licence expired. I also mentioned this in conversation when on the phone to South Wales Police and they never said anything about having ammo when my licence expires. Would have been interesting if I had gone down to the gun shop to buy ammo if anyone would have said I would have to be careful because my licence expires in a couple of days and I would be holding ammo illegally. IAccording to BASC the only way I could use non-expanding ammo is if i was to reload with full jackets. Dont know if this is.correct or if there is any such thing as non expanding ammo in 22-250.
  14. Thank you so much Walshie, much appreciated indeed. Think I'll try the Sports Man Gun Centre on Saturday.
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