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  1. Long shot I don’t come on here as much as I use to but I’m looking for a couple of workers I’m in Kent any help would be appreciated
  2. How’s the pup doing then mate. Has she settled in ok

    1. Flacko


      She’s no trouble mate settling in sound I get some pics tomorrow mate 👍

  3. View Advert Whippet lurchers I’ve got a few pups left from an accidental mating. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to advertise them. But a few let downs has led me to this.These pups have wanted for nothing and I will not let them go to just anyone and be passed about from pillar to post. The sire is a cracking little ferreting dog the bitch is from racing whippet lines. I haven’t really done a great deal with her and was hoping to get her out this year but having the pups had stopped that totally. They’ve been raised indoors around kids and a really n
  4. There’s pups available to right people all I care about is they get good homes and ain’t passed about from pillar to post when people decide there bored of them.
  5. He’s 21 TTS, he’s mine cracking little dog. His damm was a beddy whippet but not sure what the sire was.
  6. Here’s my whippet, accidental mating with lurcher. Was looking forward to getting her out but not now. Her dam was a 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy her sire racing whippet.
  7. I'm down south, lucky to see any round my way. Been like it for a few years now
  8. any lads from Kent on here I might be able to tag along with got a plummer bitch from the Severn valley ratters. Thanks
  9. any ferrets in the Kent area?
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