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  1. They don't scream like a little girl when they get bit like you did in westmeath do you want me to carry on
  2. Well done everybody but they wont stop there.Showing videos of dogs with live game doesent help.i
  3. He did alot for the working terrier God bless him and his family R.I.P. GER.
  4. Hit them were it hurts there horses.
  5. According to Cyril Bray it was the blue poll he bred to he took two bitches up to Northumberland for the matings .
  6. Nice pups General the very best of luck with them.
  7. No 18 putting out is running a terrier through the earth to bolt anything that's in. Then stopping out is blocking the earth up so the fox can't get back in on hunt days usually the day after stopping.
  8. Did your mammy not try you with a bone or a bit of mouching Neil before painting your nails with bitterloss
  9. Not done mutch digging Neil if you've had it 15 years LOL.
  10. I bet there's not 20 men in Ireland or the UK can produce terriers which have a tattoo in there ear with AC and he can prove it by scanning the micro chip.Lets hear from them and we will prove it.When the flag drops the bull shit stops.
  11. He didn't get it of AC he hasn't bred pups .For 15 months and he hasn't sold any for over 2 years. Have a look in its ear and look for the AC tatoo and micro chip no.Lots of lads say they have them so they can sell pups.IF it ante got the tatoo or micro chip no then he didn't breed it.It could have been bred out of his dogs but he didn't breed it. He must of got it of a peddler there's plenty of them about.
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