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  1. jok

    I’m back

    Eh up Cushty. Invite me down for a Corby pint why don't you. Jok.
  2. On my flipping allotment. The fckg things are merciless and due to the local cats we ain't allowed air guns. Jok.
  3. jok

    Lamp exploded

    Do you want a replacement lamp Baker Boy? I've one on my bench you can have. Jok.
  4. jok


    Eh up pal. Looking good and obviously envious for you and Kev. Stay good. Jok.
  5. Terry. And anyone else interested. Bandu. Have a look. I'm ordering mine now. Jok.
  6. jok

    Red Signal Crayfish

    Nice response. Thank you guys. Well, we have our first set back. Some fckg cut all the net strings so that was a bummer. I am going to keep with the pellets and have ordered 20 more nets. If that don't work I'll make my own traps based on information from here. They reckon April is the best month???? Jok.
  7. jok

    Aviary mesh painting black

    100% on this subject. The difference is amazing. All colours right in your face especially golds and yellows. Jok.
  8. jok

    Red Signal Crayfish

    Yes mate. Already sorted. Jok.
  9. Whatever he's on I want loads of it. Lol. Hi Airgun . How are you pal? One year today' since my brother passing. Hard mate. Jok.
  10. A bunch of guys from our local are really interested in getting among these crayfish. Individually we have bought nets and traps and indeed the smelly bait cubes. Any interesting or intelligent advice on catching, preparing and cooking would be appreciated. I've watched most of the YouTube clips . Jok.
  11. jok

    Cheeky one on wharfe

    To be fair Flacko, I think some pics of the ladies would be good lol. Holding a trout of course lol. Jok.
  12. jok


    You guys get to me. Golf balls? Ffs a bottle of single malt on a reqular basis and at least you can forget the pain lol. Jok
  13. jok

    deer antler

    To the rescue again Sussex. Good man. Jok.
  14. jok

    Farm job, leyburn...

    This should get interesting. Lol. Jok.
  15. Eh up Terry d. How are you pal? I am still at it and like yourself got my earlies in this weekend. Everything is looking good other than my allotment is as dry as the Gobi Desert. With the price of spuds going through the roof and my continued use of onions I have decided that this is where I'm going. Brassicas can take a hike and also, following a very successful open air crop of tomatoes, my greenhouses will be more focused on chillis and peppers. As in the past I'll put up some pics as I go on. Glad this thread is still going strong. Jok.