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  1. Eh up Terry. Hope you've had a good winter. Back to reality now though. I've bought all my seed potatoes including 2 new varieties, to me at least, Jazza and Casablanca. Also found a local source for large onions of which I've ordered a score. The onion sets and garlic that I put in, in November are looking healthy. Also Spring cabbage starting to heart up a little. I think, because of health issues, this year is going to be tough so I'll be downsizing next year. I wish you and all our fellow contributors a successful growing season. Jok.
  2. jok

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    Budgie 123. I agree if you are only using one knocker box. However, using 3 boxes , one at each end of the bury, all you have to do is work the 3rd box in the middle. Simples. One or two hiccups on the side of busy roadways but other than that fairly foolproof. Jok.
  3. jok

    Under the feeders

    Grey an will sort this out. Jok.
  4. jok

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    Seeing as how the knocker box ceased being produced some years ago to be surpassed by the dreadful orange thing with the huge collars it seems that you have little choice in the matter. Also, there are not many technicians coming forward who are prepared to carry out repairs on the lovely grey box. Actually, I imagine there are 1000's of these MK 1's in existence, in drawers, in sheds in old rabbiting coats etc. All you have to do is find one. Ah, if only the lovely gentleman, Jim Chick, was still with us then we would have a definitive answer for you. One other thing springs to mind!!! Have you any rabbits to go at next season as there are many areas where a rabbit stew is a thing of the past. Jok.
  5. Is anyone going around shooting in Glasgow????? You are on a different planet. How old are you or is 1970 the clue? Jok.
  6. The Holy Grail Nicholas. I wondered when someone would find it. Lol. Absolutely stunning. Who ever would have thought of a pair of matching knives? Certainly not I. I imagine this will go into a collection and why not. Lovely to look at and as always presented in a beautiful way. This commission must mean a lot to you and I look forward to the next one. Jok.
  7. jok

    wild polecat

    Hi how Micky. How you doing? Ashby still going along nicely. Why don't you drop in the Bull one day? I think pics of the 'wild polecat' will reveal big fck off ferrets returned to the wild because guys couldn't handle them. Only an opinion mind. Jok.
  8. jok


    I'm a bit oaf a dog myself and to be fair can't help dropping in when the opportunity arises. Lol. Jok.
  9. jok

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    Eh up you lot. Sorry I missed this. Glad to be back. Comments to follow. Jok.
  10. jok

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    Found you Walshie. Sorry I missed this completely. On it. Jok.
  11. jok

    Waste oil forge

    Yr fckg mad yeh mad bastd. Good on yeh. Jok.
  12. Like I said. Let me have that one for my birthday (very soon) and make your lad a nice strudel. Lovely finish and once again, stunning. Jok.
  13. jok

    Chocolate Labs

    They are like Clumber spaniels. Waste of space. Only the owners think they are any good. None of them won anything when I was doing a bit and on the field, retrieving, completely useless. Hope this helps you save some money lol. Jok.
  14. I couldn't climb a mole hill never mind a mountain. As always, nice work. Jok.
  15. Sorry. Should have said ,,,,,what a lovely thing. Would look great in my possession. .laugh. Your son will be so pleased.bjok