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  1. German wirehaird pointers View Advert 3 pups out of a litter of 7 left,2 male and 1 female.black/ white and liver/white available. Mother and father top class working dogs,rock steady on all game. Working land water and mountain. Pups not ready yet only 2weeks old. Based in Ireland Advertiser pjmc Date 07/09/20 Price £600.00 Category Gundogs  

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    3 pups out of a litter of 7 left,2 male and 1 female.black/ white and liver/white available. Mother and father top class working dogs,rock steady on all game. Working land water and mountain. Pups not ready yet only 2weeks old. Based in Ireland


  3. A bolting terrier has its place all the same but its true whats said not every fox will bolt no matter how hard they try.it only happend us at the weekend a mates russell that has bolted plenty was entered to a fox and given a hour at him and in dt hour he came out twice and was held but fox didnt bolt to gun,we ended up droped a 1st season terrier of mine and dug to her 2.0 down to her quarry backed up in pot.
  4. Cheers lads he took him to vet yesterday morning they slit the skin on eye ball and pulled it across to other side and put a stitch in it to cover the hole and let it heal and if its not a success they goin 2 take eye out.
  5. Mates terrier got a puncture in a eye at the weekend,whats the thing to do with it or will it just dry up itself.hes in no pain with it at al.any info would be great
  6. But as yous all know every pup is different,some are more forward than others and are well fit for it younger.the sooner you can get them out in the field the better is my thinking anyway.
  7. Ha ha you have a point but what i mean by it is she needed no incouragement at al she just walked in 1 day to a burrow i knew there was a fox in and worked him ontill dug.
  8. I had a bitch done it in her 1st season.she self entered at 9mnths.5 times she done it on me that year,and lads with me told me to get rid but i could see she had something and gave her the chance to straighting herself out.she has done so and is a top class bitch in her 4th season
  9. We had great day,was one of our best ever we finished up with 16 and they wer al released birds 3weeks ago.
  10. Was just wondering do many of yous use them or what yous think of them for your pointers and setters.iv a Gwp and shes very hard seen as shes nearly all black.was going to buy one for this season.thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply mate but have you a name or number of any guide that you know of?
  12. Well guys,thers 5 of us looking to travel over to scotland for bit of rough shooting in december.does anyone know of a good spot to go to.cheers for any help
  13. pjmc

    Bit of help??

    Well lads,could anyone point me in the right direction there is 5 of us from ireland looking to go to scotland in december for few days rough phesant and woodcock shooting,we would be bringing our own dogs.we hoped for somewere close to glasgow if thats possible but we wouldnt rule out any other area .thanks for any help
  14. I agree with breeding of your best in the kennel,it only makes sence.but what about what was always said to breed a hard dog to a soft dog and ul have something in the middle but if you breed hard to hard you will end up with a headcase with a short life and you go soft to soft ul end up with very little?
  15. My own box started it 2weeks ago in meters and i flicked it over to ft and it was doing the same.just waiting for season to end to send it back to them
  16. Every dogs different you cant say every pup gets 3 chances and thats it,iv seen dogs starting that have that little bit of something special that you give them loads of chances because you think they have it,some work out wel and some dont,but then thers others that you just know after 3 or 4 chance that this is never goin to happen and its time to get rid of.
  17. Went to a fella today i do alot of fox hunting with,we had brilliant day over a setter and my own german wirehaired pointer.rise about 25 wookcock but hard spot to get a good shot at them,we finished up with 8 in the bag along with 2 phesants and 4 snipe.top class day
  18. It's a tool alright that's always in the back of the jeep but I do think now that if you carry the sharptoooth and couple round mouth spades you can go anywhere and get through any ground
  19. Used one of these yest for the first time.i think its a serious bit of kit.going to have to pick one up.
  20. Thems super looking russels Scotty and look like there doin there business wel
  21. Well how you keeping lad.ye with any luck she is.pups are doin well turned out nice.both fairly game wee things,black bitch is more forward than other.looking forward to give them a wee look later in the year.
  22. Out today for few hours for the 1st this year,bad days hunting but we got one run in eventually.nice handy dig to a 2nd season fell bitch of my own that the jury was out on from late in the season last yea, but she done very well and I was delighted with her so it fingers crossed.
  23. Some men have no respect at al.id cut my loses too seen as you got bitch back.same sort of thing happened me 12 or 14 years ago,a fella I was digging with at the time offerd to take on 2 pups I had bought for few months because I was moveing house at the time but he told me 2 pups died but I found out he sold both them.lesson learned(the hard way)
  24. Yea that dog at the tailgate caught my eye.nice well made looking pair.best of luck with them who knows what way they will turn out this year for you
  25. Done a German wirehaired pointer of mine this year a sheep dog got at her.he charged me 40 euros and had no problems
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