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  1. Attaboy

    Is Lamping Unsporting?

    Or you could ask, is lamping unsporting with the dog pissed out of his head, very dangerous
  2. Attaboy

    Oswald the Lurcher

    Every dog has a story and you told it very well. They really know how to get under your skin don't they! RIP Ozzy
  3. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Yep, taking the best from tradition and the best from modern innovation. Life is a balancing act.
  4. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Sorry mate, that comment wasn't aimed at you or the other sensible, level headed and experienced people advising me here, but at the insulting idiots who are unwilling to even discuss doing things differently. I have nothing against doing things the traditional way and will probably end up getting a couple of ferrets and maybe a terrier to flush to my lurcher but first I need to get out with someone to get some insight. Trouble is, once I get an idea in my head... Still may end up with that teacup chihuahua !
  5. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    While their are some good replies to this thread either side of the debate, it seems that even discussing doing anything differently is a hanging offence for some.
  6. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    So not a completely bonkers idea then! I imagine a dog would be more easily persuaded to come back to the surface than a ferret? If dogs were sold by weight I would get one right now
  7. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Maybe I could borrow black neck's caged beast
  8. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    They'd probably be more popular if they were I suppose.
  9. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Yes I was reading about them. I'm surprised there's not more info about them.
  10. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    You'd better believe it
  11. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    I'll look up genetically modified dogs
  12. Attaboy

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Ok, thanks x
  13. I'm new to working dogs but I have a young lurcher and he's coming along nicely. I've been wondering for ages if their is a dog suitable for entering to rabbit warrens in a similar way to ferrets? I've read a bit about teckels in the ultra mini rabbit size but seems to be very little info on them. Would a small jack Russel do the job and would it be a realistic or advisable way to hunt? What I have in mind is entering the little dog to flush rabbits to the lurcher for some daytime work just like a ferret but also a dog that could work cover to flush rabbits and any other game, and maybe track the lurcher/prey if he runs off after more wide ranging quarry. Not sure I'll get away with another dog anyway but it doesn't stop me daydreaming! It would need to be something readily available and reasonably cheap as well (should probably just get a ferret)!
  14. Attaboy

    Fell terrier cross

    My dog has a lot of whippet and I think that whippets can tend to yap.
  15. Attaboy

    Fell terrier cross

    I read that the terrier crosses are mute breeds, that being the main reason for not using other terriers. Do any of you that have these crosses find that they open up?