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  1. Mine! Sire 1/4 beddy 3/4 whippet, dam deer, saluki, grey mix. He's 22" tts and 3years old.
  2. Isn't that illegal quarry? Don't mention any names!
  3. What's the small dog rabbiting man, beddy, beddy x whippet? Is it a good busher? Thinking of getting one myself. Cheers
  4. Certainly will. I'm thinking about crossing my lurcher to a good beddy bitch. He's 22" with a 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy sire and lurcher to lurcher dam. He's got a half decent coat on him so maybe I would get a decent busher plus a bit. I've no idea about breeding though so feel free to ridicule
  5. I did it! This thread was like the war and peace of forum threads. Unfortunately though, I'm not allowed to keep a working beddy unless i work it to ground! Seriously though, great thread. I'm pretty sure a beddy x will be on the cards in the near future.
  6. Speaking of table scraps,what's everyone's opinion on giving them cooked meat with bones in small amounts? I know it's supposed to be a no no and I rarely do but our dogs growing up got anything, including the chicken carcass from the family roast, if we could afford one, sometimes it was just mince. They always seemed to thrive on whatever they got. Dogs must have survived on cooked bones since they were domesticated surely? I did give mine a fair bit of venison bone left over from a camp fire cook up recently and he did have a couple of very hard stools so moderation may be the key?
  7. Don't you know never to ask a girl's age?
  8. Nah, I'd feel a right prick. Bet blacky would love it though.
  9. Tried that but we've got a sandy loam here and it can chafe a bit. What you need is a nice silty loam, slippery.
  10. Looking good down here for tomorrow night. Good bit of wind forecast and moons setting at 9:30 p.m. can't wait! Where do people get their forecasts from? The BBC and met office sites ain't as good as they used to be.
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