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  1. Yet hardly a mention on BBC or ITV news websites, no need to read the list to realise they will mostly have Mohammed or Hussain in their names....... f***ing Bansky having a new bit of scribble on a wall makes it though....
  2. Spot on, said to my wife and kids when all this kicked off and media were moaning saying everyone should do it, kneeling was what people did to subjugate themselves when conquered, really wasn't thought through when they picked it as a protest.
  3. Great stuff, first time out last Sunday for about 30 yrs, my 8yr old boy and 15yr old daughter, they loved it as did my old man and desperate for more which is great. Picked up 3 kits this summer, couple of Hobs as workers and a Jill for the lad which he is absolutely in love with and you can't part them. Was given a MK1 box which has never been used but seems the battery has been in it since the factory and corroded the board so if anyone knows where one can be repaired/replaced I would be grateful. !
  4. What I can't figure out with scams like this one is how when we get billed per month for phones these lot seem to get paid right away, surely the phone companies have a duty of care to their customers and why to they pass on the money to these con artists right away.
  5. All it really teaches them is that facts don't really matter any more.
  6. Smashed it and all it's derivatives.
  7. Anyone can. Several meme makers on net, this first one I found. https://imgflip.com/memegenerator
  8. It is propaganda which is designed to make the uninformed and gullible believe it, if this badger, the foxes and the crows previous were really hung up by someone not him wouldn't he be showing the pictures of them doing it from his CCTV camera's ? Don't believe the hype.
  9. Head or body they all look dead to me, great work !!
  10. Here maybe ? http://www.airgunspares.com/store/product/13788/Falcon-Inlet-Cylinder-Seal-Part-No.-FC205/
  11. If he said it without the lawyers and producers going through his speech beforehand now THAT would of taken some balls and a comedian saying this isn't like if an actor who relies on that group of people for work standing up and saying it, he knew it was his last time so suits his agenda to pretend it was controversial and then make out it was the reason he wasn't asked back was because of this.
  12. If your including that lot you better be including the blacks in central Africa, most the blacks in south Africa, the North African arabs, the American Red Indians, the Aborigines from Aus, pretty much everyone from South America apart from the last few lost tribes in the jungle, the list is pretty endless and we would be running out of ammo and people to do the shooting long before we ran out of people to shoot.
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