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  1. Daughter got one and rates it, besides it must be good cause she's always on the fecking thing !
  2. Gleany would be the local term, I am ashamed to say I thought Guinea fowl was completely different until a few years ago ! I've heard my neighbour say similar about a fox circling to get a Gleany to get dizzy and fall out the tree, they supposed to make great guards but if they get caught that easy or just piss off somewhere else you maybe better off with a dog !
  3. Paulnix


    Serious set of pipes as well, heard him sing Rock and Roll with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones with Dave Grohl on drums and they all had a blast.
  4. I get dust free shavings and use it in sleeping area, all over the floor with some cat litter in shit pot with no issues.
  5. Interviewed on the local radio he managed to get a few boxes ticked on the "Woke Bingo" mentioning toxic masculinity and white supremacist.... Why do certain jobs seem to only attract the low hanging fruit !
  6. I don't things are much worse there than they were 5 years ago, certainly all the Russian massed army on the border we are hearing about is only about a 1/3 of what would be needed for an invasion. My thoughts are that the Biden administration needs a diversion from their disastrous domestic policies and now they are out of Afghanistan their arms industry needs a new income stream, other western governments are jumping on the bandwagon for similar reasons. Now I said that the Ruskies will probably invade just after coffee time on Sunday !
  7. Was looking for a vol 1 for the wife when up popped this so I got a vol 2 ordered !
  8. Do you know if the stock the only difference Phil ? If so that maybe an option for my boy as well.
  9. Their job is to organise and order their men, if they had a Rifle then they would be distracted and be shooting it about and not paying attention to their job but with side arms they can defend themselves and in time of storming trenches it would also be a very handy weapon. As time has gone on they have dropped most of what makes them stick out, in the Boer war they blended in more uniform wise, early in WW1 they were ordered to pack their swords away, uniform has vastly changed and saluting in the field has also been done away with mostly because of the horrific losses the officers e
  10. Spot on, said to my wife and kids when all this kicked off and media were moaning saying everyone should do it, kneeling was what people did to subjugate themselves when conquered, really wasn't thought through when they picked it as a protest.
  11. Great stuff, first time out last Sunday for about 30 yrs, my 8yr old boy and 15yr old daughter, they loved it as did my old man and desperate for more which is great. Picked up 3 kits this summer, couple of Hobs as workers and a Jill for the lad which he is absolutely in love with and you can't part them. Was given a MK1 box which has never been used but seems the battery has been in it since the factory and corroded the board so if anyone knows where one can be repaired/replaced I would be grateful. !
  12. What I can't figure out with scams like this one is how when we get billed per month for phones these lot seem to get paid right away, surely the phone companies have a duty of care to their customers and why to they pass on the money to these con artists right away.
  13. All it really teaches them is that facts don't really matter any more.
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