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  1. Thanks Phil. I'll certainly have a look at the BSA as I have a pcp myself. Appreciated
  2. Hi guys. Looking for some recommendations for a decent air gun for my 10 year old?
  3. Hi Guys If anyone is looking to shift a few rabbits then feel free to drop me a message. Day or night.......anywhere North of the border. Cheers David
  4. Hi Guys Looking to add an extra few permissions for the new ferreting season. Me and my youngest have a few in Fife and also Kinross. If anyone is looking to get a few rabbits shifted then feel free to get in touch Cheers David
  5. I believe the rifle is actually non binary and identifies as a Shotgun at weekends. Thanks for the info
  6. Has anyone fitted a permanent bipod onto a Daystate Wolverine? Looking for any info as which is best and also practical to fit. Also, has anyone ever used the attachment some use on the cylinder it's self? Cheers Davie
  7. That's no issue. When are the kits ready to leave?
  8. Hey guys. Looking for a pair of Jill's to add to the team. Preferably kits. I'm on the east of Scotland if anyone local has any kits going. Cheers Davie
  9. Hi guys I've just purchased a daystate wolverine R. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good night/day scope that fits well for it?
  10. Brilliant pile of bunnies
  11. Hey Guys. I'm sure I noticed the details for someone that fixes the mk3 collars on here, but can't seem to find them. I've a few collars not working. Sure it's a simple fix, but I couldn't wire a plug. So no chance of me fixing them Any help is much appreciated Davie
  12. Brilliant little write up. I've had someone asking about shifting a few next week. Ferreting in April it is then!
  13. Thanks guys Batteries switched, one facing each way. Life is now all good
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