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  1. p/m john harris on here ,hes got good working ped sealyhams how do you p/m someone?
  2. p/m john harris on here ,hes got good working ped sealyhams thanks
  3. any one know were i could get a sealyham bitch ?????????????????????
  4. i pup my dog over a track bitch and keep a bitch pup for myself she is 6 year old now and is second to none run all day speed to burn
  5. i let mine out every day just to stretch there legs for an hour
  6. ok lads what is going on with these so called hunting men out killing hares this time of year . catch a grip let the thing breed . and give your wonder dog a rest or is it they cant do it ? and dont be saying trying a pup thats shit not a pup at 2 not in my eyes anyway fools . is the season over or is it that i am the fool??????????
  7. my mate has one pup left dont know if its what you want sent some over to eng 4 inall he has saluki grey left father one of the best i havs seen mother out of westweath halk if ya want his number i will send you it talk to him
  8. up north wee fields stone walls plenty of sheep wire lets see that dvdyou mileswell go and run rabbits if thats thd way you run hares and i bet the dogs on the dvd could not catch a rabbit lol
  9. plenty of tight wire were i hunt and you dog better know what its doing or its going to the vet. and i read it ok they were not up north thats for sure ?
  10. one that you can take anywere and do the job thats what you want
  11. ask the other lads that will speak for you to do it
  12. takes you to get them to your way of thinking very young i have 2 here 5 months doing everything i want them to , i whistle to them when i feed them so when i am out an whistle they come straight over to me well may be thats just me
  13. for get all that shit breed your own make your own choice . its a lucky dip what you get . you can breed the best and end up with a load of shit no matter what anyone says. proven balls .
  14. up north wee fields stone walls plenty of sheep wire lets see that dvd
  15. once again you say you have the best dogs bring them to ireland do a dvd dont think you will show that
  16. my mate bitch just had 11 pups she is the daughter of westmead hawk put a saluki dog over her pups are the twin of her father all black with white feet i hope to own one ????????
  17. i just took a letter out of a bitch from wmh
  18. look up gumtree antrim seen some nice pup on it the other day
  19. anyone who steels a mans stuff is scum tramps
  20. there not much diferance between a good greyhound an a bad one and there all well bred they adr all well i agree but there are some greet bred ones ?
  21. the only way to sort out the best is to match .but at the same time if you think your dog is good enough for you then thats ok but dont say its the best thing in ireland / there are some good dogs here . i have a old dog nine and still can kill 3 good hares
  22. they should be round sheep as pups easier on pups and sheep
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