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  1. Well i do have to say that its good no dogs or pups to be sold.yes i hold my hands up to that one A.J
  2. Now we're and what would make you think that you full. You need to get your info from a better source. Never put out of any show helped plenty but.As for you well who knows were your tounge is or who it's in I could have a guess pig
  3. For your info margaret and john are nice people.what i was saying is a club that lets its members get beat up and then pull there mask down and see nothing.If was me i would go for there insurance ??? Opps.They say the truth hurts Gunnar llf.
  4. Picking on no one its the truth .seems your just as the rest of them sad. And leave aj out of this your a nut
  5. I could say the same to you.But then i no. All i am saying if some one beats up on old men for saying some thing then the club should do stand up and sort it? May be they are afraid of him to.Or is he the club there for he gets away with it????
  6. When some one says its a Traditional lurcher .what your thoughts on this???
  7. Margaret the whippet club.would this be the same one that people are getting beat up by bully boys. Or should i say boy as he done it twice now .And the club done nothing about it.Dont think AJ would even let that go on.The club needs to stand up to these people.Are you still a member??
  8. Was thinking that myself.When i said AJs house because i new that mackins house was full up with the scotish judges .were you not there ???
  9. If any you boys no him could you please ask him to pm me thanks
  10. Sorry to here that there was a fight over dogs it is very sad when it comes to growing men fight in front of kids they should be told not to come back. Then its up to the club margaret
  11. Is everyone well come this year think we all no about last year it was a disgrace margaret
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