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  1. Aj why did you remove the mick the miller post did i hit home with something.
  2. All the true lutcher men no skip as he ran Eng.scot.ire.north an south.sure you and YOUR MATE AJ WILL BE WELCOME.
  3. AJ was thinking of a venue for a dog show.The theme would be. The real Master Mcgrath have you any suggestions AJ.
  4. So AJ you cant or wont post the names of the judges.sounds a bit funny? I have no intrest in a two day offer thank you.Its the (Judges) l ask about????
  5. Looking forward to it allways well run.The dogs win the classes not the owners like some of the shows i have attended.see you there.
  6. A.J who will be the judges for the lurchers and terriers this year.As you no last year was a bit of a sham.why not try youself see how it go's after all your runing the show .
  7. Go on ebay Aj you will get one cold cast no problem. You have the time. And may i ask how much is entry into shanes.And dont thank me for the ebay tip its ok
  8. Alan could you or have you put a post up showing the charity that you presened the proceeds to. Just that i have been if i no anything about it. Thank you .
  9. Hope ya get them back.and the scum that took them get run over
  10. Scum .I lost one last year sorry to say naver got it back.
  11. This is one show i will be at . Dont miss it . Will be a great day and for a charity.This is when people need to pull togeather help them that needs it.
  12. Would one not think the genuine dog men will stick togeather for the future of the hunting game. And the younger generation will lead by example of there peers.
  13. So will you answer the question is every one wellcome . As i personally witnessed a disturbance last year at shanes.And when i asked people they all said that was with a well respected genuine working dog man and your self.
  14. AJ are you still at the mind set that you hold the right to refuse entry to your shows. If yes could you please eaplain .????
  15. Each to there own. I keep both but i have to say.A bitch comes on much quicker than a dog.
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