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  1. I wish I had that dog from a pup he was well bred like you say but would try the patience of a saint at times, I run him alot and he could run a real nice stamp of a dog and very game for his breeding, I was only asking after him last week and some days hes turbo tommy somedays hes tommy the tit but his new owner likes him from what ive heard and hes at a good home.
  2. 2.8 guy

    As One Season Ends...

    Lol thats the underkeeper Im way too manly for one of those but I did think it was a help for heroes one he is ex service so ill let him off and he carries a gun everywere
  3. Yes its true that the best to the best aint going to get you a topper but it gives you a fighting chance, repeat matings were the majority of pups turned out well is maybe a option. Ill look up the romeo dog sure it will be mentioned on here thanks.
  4. Another begins... For the past god knows how long ive lived my life around the running dogs and field sports in the season im out hunting and out of the season im doing my best to keep the permisions ive gained over the years by helping out on the estates that I hunt on. This is also ruled by a season after the shooting stops its catch up time with the traps/ vermin, swapping non medicated grit to medicated grit (wormers) after this it on with the heather burning which leads me to helping out with some much needed labour it keeps me in the fold and to be honest I enjoy it but I keep saying to the wife not going to be the same next season to be fair I dont use the land ive got half as much as I used too, to be honest the rabbiting is not really floating my boat and hasn't done for a few years now as like a moth to the flame im destin to get me fingers burnt as its the coursing that really turns me on at the moment. But good permission is hard to get so ill do my best to hold on to it as theres always someone els ready to take your place and if nothing els it keeps the dogs fit and sharp, but to be honest they seems more and more folk hunting the same land these days (I blame the internet lol) but keeping my nose in the troth by helping gets me some good contacts and in past ive turned down the offer of new land but it looks like ill be on the look out for some big flat land now. I dont often mention the helping out but a few people I know think its fine to go and try help there self to my land that ive taken them on in the thinking that I have more than enough but they think its handed on a plate this is a taste of what I do to keep it. So at 6 am I leave home for my 8 start im met by the underkeepers quad hes already been out shooting vermin and checking traps. We then meet up with the head keeper with the polaris with the sprayer and water tank on we use this to put out the fires and to keep them from spreading over the cuts or back burning, the sprayer is used and is effective but were the polaris carnt go the floggers are used this is a long pole with rubber matting on the end, they weigh a fair bit and it takes a fair bit longer too but this is how things was done before the tech. The tank is filled on the moor from springs with a on board pump to suck up the water at one pond it was lifting with frogs and I got a pic of a brave one but trust me it was lifting. The head keeper takes off and starts lighting fires me and the underkeeper keep them in line always with one eye out for vermin hence the keepers friend buy side at all times (benelli lol) A long day was had at it plenty of ground burnt and a good giggle at dinner no major miss happs oh apart from the bolder coming through the bottom of the truck floor, but at times your in the fire putting them out so can and does get hairy at times also with the gallons of water on the rear she lists like a sailing dinghy. We finished at 7 and a two hour drive home awaited driving home eyes stinging stinking of smoke then back at it tomoro weather permitting hope you enjoy the pics.
  5. Just a quick one What is in your opinion the best coursing blood in the country and what line or dogs to look out for when litters are advertised or if you get the nod on a litter. I don't subscribe to the what type of land you running on a good dog can catch its chosen on any, thoughts and opinions please.
  6. 2.8 guy

    New Led Lamp Built In Lithium Battery

    Got the tracer version and at first thought it was ace then noticed the lens was loose/rattly then after a night out in the rain the lens steamed up so check the seal around the lens for movement. At the end of the day there less than twenty quid from china jbl on alibaba .com so I suppose its what you can expect.
  7. 2.8 guy

    Poaching D$$$Heads

    It seems everyone is at that driving the land caper big 4x4 and your away even coursing hares in the snow lol
  8. 2.8 guy

    Hiding Dead Rabbits?

    them small wheely bins make good carriers and you can use them as seats or rests use mine for hunting and fishing
  9. 2.8 guy

    March Caption Competition With A Prize!!!

    Its great the tour de france has come to yorkshire, Yes but them farmers can feck if they think were paying for parking.
  10. 2.8 guy

    March Caption Competition With A Prize!!!

    wish our boss looked after us as well as the other estates look at them in there matching tweeds and polaris these argocats are so last decade
  11. 2.8 guy

    Cattle Dog Cross?

    Darren my mates pup is white and brown and is a very simlar stamp to yours I thought the color was unusual for that cross, I had great fun with mine she was like my best mate I wouldnt have called her a natural retriever by any means but in work would fetch them to hand balls and dummys was a big no no. But without doubt the best rabbiting and mouching dog ive ever owned FRAN a best friend.
  12. 2.8 guy

    Cattle Dog Cross?

    My mates got a twelve month old acd x dog he says the guys been breeding them for a while so dont know how diluted the acd blood is or if it has any other breeds in it will be a long wait for him before he can get it started properly now.
  13. 2.8 guy


    We don't plan owt really and just go on the spur of the moment to fit around other commitments, but when we go ill drop you a pm if off to whitby gismo. Immingham is that on the humber? whats the fishing like and what you catching at the moment?
  14. 2.8 guy


    Lol me and my mate went fishing off the pier at brid the night after the man was blown off the cliff at scarborough we got there 8 ish and it was coming over the harbor wall lol It was a complete waste of time too windy and after 2 hours called it a night I caught a very small dab But its game on from now on in next trip whitby or filey but fancy trying my boat out soon fancy trying to catch something other than flat fish.