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  1. You want a good dog get a pup outta good working stock at working mans prices and bring it on yourself theres plenty about if you take a little time and look. You only get out what you put in. If that dog turns out shite later on you've only got yourself to blame. Why buy another dog for silly prices thats been passed from pillar to post and could have bad habbits. Its mad the amount of dogs you see now for sale for no fault of there own just the impatient owner couldnt be arsed waiting and started it to early nd spoilt the dog.
  2. Great day out wish I had some decent places in north wales
  3. I used to have the clulite cb2 and found that a good lamp until they changed them to take flip up filters that I found were shite mine blew off on a windy nite. Then I brought a dereelight nightmaster 800 for my weihrauch hw100 and couldn't believe the distance on it so I started using it for lamping. I liked the idea it took coloured cree leds that didn't drown out the colour of the light compared to using a filter the only problem I found with it was the beam was a little too tight so you had to scan the area abit more than normal. I was never to keen on the nightforce range heard they had a few wiring issues and the beam was far to wide and abit of a over shine for my liking who needs a lamp that will shine further a field than you are and scare away any lamp shy rabbits before you even get there not to mention land owners noticing you when your not supposed to be there in the first place you may aswel be wearing a highvizz jacket lol. Anyway I was thinking of getting one of these pistol grip tracer 150 lithium lamps next season but if thers any thing better I suppose I should wait
  4. Its like the traditinal lurcher crosses are getting extinct lol
  5. Is it me or does everyone seem to be putting more and more bull in every cross now?
  6. Im not to sure my dad brought it brand new with the added extra vortex silencer
  7. Theoben Fenman 22 These very sought after gas ram air rifles are perfect for hunting and target work. Very consistant and accurate. Features: - Low recoil -Ambidextrous stock -Vortex Silencer -Full legal limit power The Fenman boasts one of the very best rare hyedua stocks beautiful grain and colour. The gun is in near mint condition and comes with a Hawke 3-9x50 hd sport scope,sling and a jack pyke fleece lined gun bag with pellets £400 ono Conwy North Wales 07743427699
  8. Hi anyone interested in a mk3m 16ft ferret finder and collar with ten spare collar batteries and 2 locator batteries and pouch £130 posted only used once couldn't get it used to it so thought I'd stick to the old method of doing things but luckily my ferrets haven't laid up yet.ferret finder.htm
  9. Peugeot 306 hdi V reg 5door in good condition only done 120,000 miles nothing for a hdi engine owned by elderly family member from 2years old. Had full service when needed and had full service 6months ago with receipts to prove. Tax has just expired but 6months mot left. Great little family car and very good on fuel. Swap for decent pcp setup or what have you? Conwy North wales
  10. whens this moon guna f**k off

    1. walshie


      In the morning. lol

  11. Canon 400d digital photography camera in mint condition with a lowe bag and charger etc and 2 lenses one 18-55mm and a 75-300mm swaps decent rifle
  12. it is a fenman with the hyedua ambidextrous stock and the vortex silencer was a added extra when brought
  13. Ive got one hw100 but fancy another for the misses these guns in the condition mines in are like rocking horse turd to get hold of and will only go up in price over the years hopefully lol
  14. Theoben Fenman Gasram .22 Walnut Stock Vortex Silencer 3-9x50 Hawke Milldot Scope,sling and jackpike bag
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