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  1. The best thing you will ever get is ivormac. Gab it wf a 1/2 mill . Every month you will never get it again 35 a bottle . And it dos worms
  2. do you know that dog mate
  3. so you know the ace dog ??? Un the pic
  4. And were did clive come into it
  5. Not sure same .but did casper an foxy them lines
  6. So did billy smith own him
  7. this dog i have here he is 4 year old .sister of him still runing there trying to get her name .hoover was way back a rouft coated dog he was sold to travelers .the smiths fr a lot of money.
  8. Was out today with my old dog and my pup she is ten months old.l slipped my old dog at a ?. He is great for breaking them.I slipped the pup in and she took over and lifted it.it was then I seen three men approaching me . Well they said they seen what I done and I was wrong slipping the pup in.i told them that she was only a pup and then to fu fck off well in so many words.i went back to my car they were waiting for me one said if your dog can't cope on his own get rid of it . Other one asked me to sell the pup what is this world coming to?????
  9. Has anyone heard of a dog called ace from England? Think he about London. Down from the Hoover not sure exactly what way .Try get a picture of it and put it up
  10. well it's time to think what you are posting as people on all these sites seem to change their mindsets to what they want to see or hear. I only go on and post know when board
  11. I have one here 2year old run him at anything day or night 3/4 gh saluki . he down from westmeath halk
  12. May I ask were you were at when the fair was on.were you up at the lurchers and terrier show given your support.
  13. No meal for winning a class that's a lie.as I did win a class there for I should know.there was a mug and a rosette.gate money entry. Show entry. You supply prices.maybe someone should look into were all the money goes. Open a few eyes? Big lad your chip .your pall skip
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