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  1. You will have to pm me mobile number for pics as I don't know how to upload then to this.
  2. Iv got a litter of collie bull greys just now, that's them 4 weeks tomorrow. 2 surplus from a litter of 5. Keeping 2 for myself and another one going to a good friend. Will be looking for first class homes for these other two shortly.
  3. Personally I would start them about 10 to 11 months and it would be those big mountin rabbits if you know what I mean! As I find they have no where to escape too. Reduces the chance of a young dog pulling up.
  4. What's the percentage mix in your dog there chrisbullx?
  5. Very nice lads. Why is it so difficult to upload pictures to this site.. was wanting to add a couple of my own but it's just not as simple as Facebook lol.
  6. Can anyone with this cross please put up your pictures as I have just bred a litter and curious as to what they may turn out like, many thanks.
  7. Can anyone with this cross post your pictures of it, bred this cross myself n that's them just arrived on the ground. Trying to gage what they could possibly turn out like. Many thanks.
  8. any pictures of your bitch? Yes and the sire but I don't know how to upload to this
  9. Lol so putting more bull into it will make it lighter?? Haha. Iv owned 5/8 3/8 greyhound bulls, very good at what they are bred for but by no means lighter framed than a half x put to a 5/8 3/8 greyhound collie
  10. Do you own the parents landrace?I own the dam mate Is the dog hancock bred? Yeah mate his sire was tweedledum
  11. better still line her with a 3/4 greyhound x 1/4 bull. Lol had a 5/8 3/8 greyhound bull, did exactly what he was bred for and done it very well but was always picking up injurys and they tend to steam in without using their brain to work the quary. So went for something a bit diffrent this time to give me a lighter dog less injuries but still enough bull to do the job.
  12. Do you own the parents landrace? I own the dam mate
  13. The dam is 24" tts and sire is 26" tts
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