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  1. He will be well tested and ill keep in touch and let yous no the crack with him boys....
  2. The old boy leaves a good stamp of dog and hard as nails
  3. This is a must see lads I just watched it and I'm still buzzing Wat a watch..
  4. Salkui fever how the pup you had off me moate
  5. Yes the previous owner of posh said a pure salkui. ...He wud no more than any what would suit her.?....or digger
  6. My choice for posh would of been a pure salkui. ...
  7. Posh son won battle of the dogs....same mother different sires....posh is producing the goods....I'm on 1 of these pups like a tramp on chips lol
  8. I'd say she 26 mate...powerhouse of a bitch tho, nasty twat as well....perfect breeding bitch.
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