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  1. AJ Dont think people will be confused .steam Rally.And the (Great) Game fair of ireland. Come on now AJ . We live in the island of ireland .Do's not meam we are all thick.llf
  2. Thats what i am on about all a fx
  3. Just thinking lads. Do yous ever go to the game fairs. And if so what do you think. Same faces seem to win everything . Are they lòoking show dogs or working
  4. Dròp down because of a full and a hijack of mick the miler. Sure shall we bring it to the top for aj. Think that would suit him put the blame on someone else.good PR??????
  5. Can anyone tell me how to get the moderator on this site please
  6. It was no joke as well you no.jiggy your just a pawn for Aj
  7. Albert, you should be ashamed of yourself liking jiggys comment....!!! We all can't show our dogs off in tweed's and cowboy hats!! So those in denim and hunters aren't great or upperclass enough! IS IT THE DOG'S WE JUDGING OR THE OWNERSHIP ALBERT????????? IS THAT SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR YOU..I REST MY CASE!!!
  8. And yes I'm a bit slow left school at 13 but I know right from wrong.and when people think they are better than everyone else.
  9. We are talking about a cheraty dog show that people like you think that you can control. I'm afraid that you are the slow one Albert and people are catching into your wee click.you sponsor them that think and believe everything you say is gospel.If you can't buy them don't let them in
  10. Tartar your director at your game fair refusing poeple admition to his show's good PR for the game Fair's Albert isn't it ???
  11. Then tell me why everyone is not welcome to the show.and you sponsor the show's with the people you have in your pocket Albert. Why not Man up and amit it.same as the qualifiers go were you want them to go.and how can it be an all Ireland show when your hold the write to admition turn lurcher and terrier men away???? There for your picking who wins what
  12. That's Albert everyone who quitions him has a chip on there shoulder
  13. maybe basil from nutts dog meal should contact me or visit the shows he sponsors see what is going on i will meet with anyone and let them know the dirty dealing going on what you think Albert and friends
  14. I look forward to hearing from you many thanks skip
  15. So if you can't answer me then maybe Albert can why would you reserve the right to admission for a charity advent is everyone not welcome???????? Is this show just a click? Give those who are in the know prices? Backed up by Albert???? People are not happy with the people who are hiding behind Albert and will soon boycott shows which is wrong??? If your a dog man or woman all should be welcome?? What are you s afriad off ????? Loosing or being found out??????
  16. Why would you reserve the right to admission for a charity advent ,is everyone not welcome, so it's the case that you pick who comes??? I would think that everyone is welcome????????? Dog show that turns people away shame what next
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