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  1. chilli


    Hes standing there as if he owns the place
  2. chilli

    Terrier clubs

    If it was not for NWTF we would not have terrier work as it is today and It would have been banned years ago if it wasn't for the tireless work done by the man who runs the NWTF. I won't name the man who runs it on here but I for one appreciate everything he does for us and terrier work.
  3. chilli

    Terrier clubs

    RH , our club just keeps some money in the bank incase of any rescues are needed and they have to get machines in . Any extra every year goes to various charities which the club gives to every year . They also give money to the nwtc every year to keep their funds up . We are also kept up to date with any changes in the laws .
  4. chilli

    Ian Church Lakelands

  5. chilli

    lakeland terriers

    I was at a show on Sunday and there was a lot of Lakelands of various guises , white / black / red and black n tans . Imoa they were rubbish nothing like what they were originally bred to purpose for . It's good to see on here some stronger type like they should be imo and doing what they were bred for . I would just like to say not all of the Lakelands were rubbish but the strong type never got a look in . So sad to see
  6. chilli


    Looks like you're 1 dog missing
  7. chilli


    Hahaha nothing like a bit of sarcasm lol
  8. chilli


    Most common mistake that I've seen over the years imo is a lot of people want to dig their dog out straight away, as soon as they hear them yap in a spot they have the shovel out . Sit back keep calm and have a cuppa then check out the state of play . Years ago we never had the pleasure of pin pointing the dog before on top , we had to search for the dog after a period of time . We still then after finding the dog had a cuppa and then start to dig to the dog . Makes for a better dog I'd say .
  9. chilli

    Who do you admire?

    The person I admire the most would be my dad who got me into terriers and the outdoor lifestyle. His knowledge of wildlife is extremely good and he would talk to people and help them when asked
  10. chilli

    Who do you admire?

    People forget about the likes of Anthony Barker who sat back and did his bit but didn't seek the limelight
  11. chilli

    Bellman red brick

    I have a barryvox pulse which is good but it's a bit of an arse at times to use and you have to keep them in a clear bag to save them from all the muck .
  12. chilli

    Bellman red brick

    In all honestly I don't know , but you'll need something that is robust . All will do the job .