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  1. Let me know mate, I'll come for a day out. I know a few decent rabbiting spots. Definitely not yorkshire dales tho ?
  2. Smart pups them mate, are they pat x beagle?
  3. Theres a good few lads up and down the country that breed from decant workers. Go onto the working teckel pages on Facebook pal
  4. Try a teckel mate, the majority of them stand of and bay so They don't take much stick. I have a bitch that I use mainly for bushing but she's bolted loads of foxes, she's in and out baying for 10-15 min a time usually gets them to bolt
  5. I also ordered one from m, turns out making them takes about the same time as it takes Italian m (Michelangelo) to paint the Sistine chapel ceiling. Ended up making one with a tube that slips over the top, and hole drilled for a bolt and lock nut
  6. I was actually walking past some piles on Saturday thinking, shit I haven't payed my sub yet better keep walking! ??
  7. sound like dodgy places these rock piles! that's why I always keep my dogs on the lead whilst walking past them, especially around the back of local tips
  8. Lee_H


    pm me your number mate, ill send some pics
  9. Lee_H


    both earth dogs mate. both will also Bush
  10. Lee_H


    I'll send you some more pics of the bitches tonight mate
  11. Lee_H


    the sire/ dam and one of the pups. the sire is a Ukraine import, the dam has no papers. both are good workers
  12. Lee_H


    I think it's because alot of lads have imported them which costs £1000s, so if there selling pups out of there imported dogs with papers for let's say £1000 which is at least half the price they paid for the imports, and the buyers of the pups don't have the hassle of importing, it probably didn't seem expensive to them. that's assuming they are genuine lads with genuine dogs, there's also lots of blaggers selling shite for ridiculous Money which makes things difficult when buying
  13. Lee_H


    I'll put pics of the pups and parents up when I get home in a hour or so. I'm just waiting for the guy that owns the sire to give me the ok to put a pic of his dog on the internet, he's been showing them at the midland game fair this weekend so shouldn't be a problem. I'm selling the pups for £ 500. I was in the same situation when I wanted my first teckel pup, I wanted to try one but was out off by the price. luckily I meet some genuine lads from Ireland that sorted me a pup for a decent price.
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