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  1. charlie caller

    Well hello again

    Welcome back dude, glad to hear the dogs doing well.
  2. charlie caller

    Airguning nostalgia

    Oh mate the stuff I shot with that pistol, I have no idea what the power was, but my old man had bought it from a mate, it certainly used to drop stuff when you hit em in the right place, it certainly taught me a thing or two about fieldcraft I can tell you that, I eventually sold it to a mate, and actually enquired about it a couple of years ago, he could not remember what had happened to it, Im going to ask him again, I would love to have it back and restore it.
  3. charlie caller

    Mark LGV - LGU

    Now you lot have set me off wanting another, in fact there is a .177 LGU varmint in a shop not a million miles from me for a reasonable price, ffs Mac any good to you,? Or I might bloody buy it lol.
  4. charlie caller

    Mark LGV - LGU

    Do it mate, the LGU might suit you better being an underlever fan, but my advice for what its worth..... get a .177 I genuinely believe they ARE better in .177, which is not something to be said for every spring rifle, all they need mate is the spring ends polishing, and a top hat to finish them off wonderfully,they are simplicity itself to strip, the trigger is not bad, its just not as good as AA or HW, but perfectly serviceable, but yep a Rowan kit will sort it perfectly, enjoy, oh one last thing, they come out of the box around 10.8-11 ftlbs, I set mine to 11.6 as soon as I got it, after a tin of pellets the power had crept up, so I reset it, which is where it stayed, just keep an eye on the power bud.
  5. charlie caller

    Mark LGV - LGU

    Well why would he not, they are quite simply the best spring rifle out there, (if you sort the trigger) seriously smooth, almost pcp quiet with a moderator, and the lock time, well shoot one and find out.
  6. charlie caller

    The HW97K .177 " Rocks"

    Im glad its not only me that wondered that, its bloody flying isn't it?
  7. charlie caller

    The HW97K .177 " Rocks"

    Get a Walther ya mugs
  8. charlie caller

    BSF rifle

    Cracking rifles mate, wish I had never sold my B55, one of my all time top spring air rifles.
  9. charlie caller

    Airguning nostalgia

    Keep em coming boys, I love stories like these.
  10. You wont go wrong with an Ultra mate, I absolutely love mine in .177 it is genuinely one of the most accurate air rifles I have ever owned, and for me has that certain "something" that some guns have and some guns despite being very good, just dont seem to posses.
  11. charlie caller

    Airguning nostalgia

    I remember my first rabbit like it was yesterday, shot with my trusty Crossman .22 pump pistol, myself and a couple of mates were walking down the side of a wood just about to come to a large patch of gorse in a dip with a little stream running in front, there were quite a few bunnies running around as we approached, most inevitably ran off into the gorse.........But one stopped on a little bankside, just before the gorse, I already had the Crossman at the ready, and slowly took aim at the rabbits neck, crack goes the pistol, and I hear the thud of the pellet hitting him, and there he lay kicking on the ground, I ran like a sprinter and grabbed him by the back legs and chopped him across the back of the neck, I was absolutely over the moon, my first bunny and at about 20 yards with a pistol, my best mate Andy was gutted, he used to shoot stuff with his Meteor, but would never shoot bunnies as he kept them as pets (still has them to this day allegedly for his kids) I remember the look on my old grandmas face when I pulled the rabbit out of the bag when I got home, she was from a country/farming background and always loved a rabbit stew, I remember her showing me how to skin and prepare the bunny properly, and it was the finest rabbit stew I have ever tasted........................................................................ that was 39 years ago and it seems like yesterday, I still shoot on the same land, and visit that same spot regularly, and every single time the memories come flooding back, of a care free time, out all day and sometimes all night, shooting, fishing , and becoming the thing I knew was in my blood.......Being a hunter
  12. charlie caller

    Gamo Phox

    From what I can see its basically an ultra, so after removing the anti tamper plug, adjusting the power to a safe but usable legal level is not difficult, pm me when you get back I will talk you through it.
  13. charlie caller

    HW99s out the box

    Like a car crash out of the box, excellent when tuned, but difficult to get to full power in .177, but Im damn well going to try again one day, Vortek is your friend.
  14. charlie caller

    Kral NP02

    Best bit of advice I have given all week, stay away from the Fuc*ing thing and get an Artemis p15 for similar money, worlds apart mate, I think Kral are some of the worst engineered airguns available, I am sure Big Mack will agree, utter shite.
  15. charlie caller

    How to reduce the recoil on a .177 hw97k

    No you are correct they are let down by the trigger, however Rowan engineering do a trigger kit that sorts it, and yes thats very accurate grouping mate indeed, at the end of the day, if you want a top notch springer of any make, time and money are your freinds.