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  1. charlie caller

    Squirell Tikka

    Will try that, I do enjoy eating squizzers, I just wish they were a bit easier to skin lol.
  2. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    And yet another splendid fellow, that makes this section what it is.
  3. charlie caller

    Walther lgu master

    Rowan engineering do a trigger kit for them............... Sorted.
  4. charlie caller

    Walther lgu master

    Sort the trigger, they are in a class of their own, simply put the smoothest, quietest spring rifle you will ever own.
  5. charlie caller

    Mr Kevin Breen

    This is most peculiar, where has the OP gone? Basically what has happened in my opinion is, a customer has bought a pistol, got pellets stuck in the barrel and returned it, instead of checking it and offering it for sale at a slightly reduced price, due to it now being a "used" pistol, they have sold it as new, very bad practice, threaten them with TS, and demand a full refund or replacement.
  6. charlie caller

    Constant spring rifle training, pays back, big time.

    Excellent grouping old boy, but I must ask, which rifle are you going to take lol?
  7. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    Mega busy at the moment, but when I start it I will get some pics up.
  8. charlie caller

    Mr Kevin Breen

    Perhaps a call to your local trading standards would be in order.
  9. charlie caller

    Wanted cheap rabbit air rifle

    And I have the same pump, its brilliant, fu*k diving bottles and tests an all that crap.
  10. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    Indeed sir
  11. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    Cheers mate much appreciated.
  12. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    Thats awesome mate, I will make it fit one way or another, cheers Mac.
  13. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    Right, my mates lad has been given quite a nice HW35 for his first rifle, its very twangy and has a fair amount of recoil, so I am going to tune the nuts off it for him, I am doing it for the lad free of charge and it will be spot on when I have finished.....My question is, has anybody got a delrin spring guide and top hat knocking about for one of these they dont need, or even if its too big I will use my mates lathe to take it down, as you can imagine £20 is a lot for a young lad so I am trying to scrounge bits to keep the cost to zero, any help gratefully received lads, cheers.
  14. charlie caller

    Falcon....but which model is it ???.

    Well done matey, you wont go far wrong with one of them, an old boy I shoot with has one, he has had it twenty years and it has never needed any seals.
  15. charlie caller

    Falcon....but which model is it ???.

    You bought it yet lad?