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  1. I been saying for a long time, these LGV's are something else, with a bit of fettling
  2. Thanks mate, Ye I'm doing ok, must get round to contributing a bit more all the best mate.
  3. I am late in adding to this, as I haven't been on for a while, but my most sincere condolences mate to you and your family, keep strong, my very best wishes sir
  4. Hi mate, yes doing fine thanks, same to you, not been hiding away really, just been having a bit of a break from the internet generally, will be on a bit more from now on
  5. Fair enough mate, I can see the sense in that, although as said, it won't stop them coming out if some tool reports seeing a man with a gun
  6. My question in all honesty is why did you contact the police in the first place?You have permission that's the end of it, I have 3farms very close to me that are all word of mouth permissions, I use air rifles, shotguns, .22lr and .243 on all of them, depending on the quarry and particular area of the land I am Shooting, you do not need to inform the police, simple as that, the only time I can see it being of benefit, is if you were on ground in a sensitive area, then yes inform them before going on
  7. Howdy Mac yes all good here thanks, and the same to you mate
  8. Best of luck with it matey, whatever you do make sure you crono it when it's done, and very importantly, when it's had a half tin of pellets through it, they can and will easily go over the limit, they were never meant to run at sub 12 level, but 18or so ftlbs
  9. Brilliant Jack, just brilliant, might I suggest you take your knuckles and apply them to some doors,
  10. Glad you are on the mend Simon, brilliant news, all the best.
  11. Is the rifle still for sale, I know someone who will be very interested?
  12. And I would also add, a Harris is not necessarily the best bird for a beginner, they are intelligent, and biddable, but easy to mess up at the same time, owing to the. Fact that many owners are trained BY THE HAWK, a retail is a very good bird to begin with, you will be a more knowledgeable falconer training and flying a red in the end.
  13. I applaud your attitude, rushing to get a bird is the worst thing you could do, might I suggest you make 100 percent sure you have plenty of land to fly the bird before considering getting one, assuming of course you don't already have land.
  14. To be fair to the lad a 2p sized group @ 30 metres with a spring gun is not too shabby, assuming the pellets are shooting well in the rifle, a bit more practice should see an improvement and the magic 5p group achieved, I would suggest keeping to 20-25 yards as a maximum range at the moment, and working on field craft and stalking skills.
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