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  1. charlie caller

    well thats the first step

    Best of luck with it bud, what you going for fac air or something with a little more grunt?
  2. charlie caller

    hw110k v Ultra se

    All I have done to it is removed the nasty anti tamper plug and free d off the power adjuster, I have set it to 11.5 ftlbs I did polish the trigger sears (probably unnecessarily) it really is one of the most accurate air rifles I have ever owned, it never fails to amaze me, I have a self imposed limit of 40 yards on live quarry, I shot a rabbit stone dead with a head shot the other night, I paced it out at 52 yards, ok it was going dark and as we all know range estimation is not easy in the dusk, but the way the rabbit fell over was astounding, I will never sell this Ultra, my CZ 511 semi auto .22 is damn good, but most of the time its the Ultra that gets take out.
  3. charlie caller

    hw110k v Ultra se

    I have no experience of the 110, however my single shot Ultra se is an absolute tac driver, with AA field or Barracuda hunter extreme, I have had some accurate rifles, this Ultra is amongst the best.
  4. charlie caller

    Kral and Artemis

    Krall = Shi-e P15 = excellent as stated a good barrel clean and more baffles, and you have a very accurate, full power rifle, I only sold mine as I cant get on with bull pups, get one.
  5. charlie caller

    BSA ultra se

    I fill mine to 190, this gives a very good power curve right down to around 90-100 bar, cracking rifles the ultras.
  6. charlie caller


    Nope me too.
  7. charlie caller

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    Looks like a ray gun from fookin star trek, no thanks.
  8. charlie caller

    milo stolen from heathrow

    Oh I would.........Mustard gas
  9. charlie caller

    Sea trout

    Would like to fish for them on the fly preferably matey.
  10. charlie caller

    Sea trout

    Hi lads, just after a bit of advice here, ok, so I have been trout fishing for a good few years, its always been a long held desire of mine to fish for sea trout, every year is the same, I say to myself IM going to do it this year, and always end up doing something else, well this year I am determined to have a bash, so lads my question is.... where can I find some fishing, (I know Wales is an option) but I was thinking my own county of Yorkshire, I dont mind paying, and I dont mind a bit of a drive, any advice would be most welcome lads, cheers.
  11. charlie caller

    Hw35 stripdown

    It needs a bit of resistance to push it down or its not doing its job, better still would be get the later piston or the conversion kit, and fit a Vortek seal on it, but test it, as they do tend to up the power quite a bit.
  12. charlie caller

    Nikon Monarch Scope SOLD

    Do you still have it mate, and can you put a picture up, is it px adjustable, side focus etc? I might know a chap for this.
  13. charlie caller

    Been a pleasure

    Hope it all works out brother.
  14. charlie caller

    Barnsley ferreting

    Welcome mate, it might help if you mention what you have on offer, people will be far more inclined to get in touch if they think you have some land and have something to bring to the table, cheers.
  15. charlie caller

    Whiskey delivered.

    Quite agree mate, that little bit of thought and a bottle here and there, works wonders, enjoy.