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  1. charlie caller

    Walther rotex rm8

    Its an 850 air magnum running on air instead of co2 I converted one to air and I tell you what it was very good indeed, I rather like them, use it enjoy it, its filling the bag, so carry on mate its a good rifle.
  2. charlie caller

    H & N pellet weight, anyone know???

    Or as you have already stated the head diameter could be different, so a tighter fit, although 30fps is quite a drop.
  3. charlie caller

    Reloading Shotshell

    Cheers Phil, yes I have already thought of contacting them, as I know they are most helpful, I have a basic reloading press on order, and plan to just load a few none toxic (probably steel) at a time, if I decide to have a trip over I will let you know, do you deal with them Phil?
  4. charlie caller


    Hw 85, order from Germany only, very similar to a BSF B55, better than a 99 in my opinion, but still nice and light and responds very well to tuning.
  5. Bsf B55 Bavaria, buttoned piston with synthetic piston seal conversion, in ,177 of course, oh fu.k I cant find one...... so its the Walther lgv, with a Rowan trigger, simples.
  6. charlie caller

    Reloading Shotshell

    I have decided to reload a small amount of steel (probably) for wildfowling and shooting pigeon for my hawk, I am quite happy to weigh/measure each load, as I do for my rifle reloading, so large volume is not an issue, does anyone have a useful fast load recipe with readily available components, i.e cases, wads, primers, with Alliant steel powder, as it is my understanding that loading steel loads requires care and sticking to a formula, what I find slightly confusing is when reading load data, some of the components mentioned dont seem to be readily available, and again it is my understanding that substituting components can be dangerous, I dont mind buying new 3" cases as they are cheap enough, but dont want to stray from a safe path so to speak.
  7. charlie caller


    Sounds like its developed a leak, now I have never had the cylinder apart on one of these, but I would imagine there is an o ring between the steel casing and brass filler assembly, if you dont feel competent doing it yourself, pop it into a gun shop, it will be minimal cost to repair, enjoy your new rifle.
  8. charlie caller

    AA Pro-sport

    Oh they can be improved quite a bit, as one or two on here that have had their AA springers tuned by me will attest too I am sure
  9. charlie caller

    Prepare ya sens...

    Having a license to drive, does not stop a driver, drunk or sober from mowing someone down if they are driving dangerously, gun, car, whatever, misuse is the key, people will always misuse and act stupidly with whatever, how many children get killed or badly injured every year on our roads compared with deaths or injury from airguns? Hundreds of times more I would suggest, however there is no call to ban cars, or indeed introduce a license to OWN a car.
  10. charlie caller

    Prepare ya sens...

    This is a tragic accident according to the police, NOT some nutter running around shooting at kids, I really feel for the lad and his relatives, but I fail to see how having a licence for the airgun would have avoided this, in the same way that having a license for a shotgun, does not stop it from being lethal when misused, no I dont think this kind of sad incident will expedite air gun licensing in England.
  11. charlie caller

    Squirell Tikka

    Will try that, I do enjoy eating squizzers, I just wish they were a bit easier to skin lol.
  12. charlie caller

    Hw 35 tune

    And yet another splendid fellow, that makes this section what it is.
  13. charlie caller

    Walther lgu master

    Rowan engineering do a trigger kit for them............... Sorted.
  14. charlie caller

    Walther lgu master

    Sort the trigger, they are in a class of their own, simply put the smoothest, quietest spring rifle you will ever own.
  15. charlie caller

    Mr Kevin Breen

    This is most peculiar, where has the OP gone? Basically what has happened in my opinion is, a customer has bought a pistol, got pellets stuck in the barrel and returned it, instead of checking it and offering it for sale at a slightly reduced price, due to it now being a "used" pistol, they have sold it as new, very bad practice, threaten them with TS, and demand a full refund or replacement.