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  1. charlie caller

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    Looks like a ray gun from fookin star trek, no thanks.
  2. charlie caller

    milo stolen from heathrow

    Oh I would.........Mustard gas
  3. charlie caller

    Sea trout

    Would like to fish for them on the fly preferably matey.
  4. charlie caller

    Sea trout

    Hi lads, just after a bit of advice here, ok, so I have been trout fishing for a good few years, its always been a long held desire of mine to fish for sea trout, every year is the same, I say to myself IM going to do it this year, and always end up doing something else, well this year I am determined to have a bash, so lads my question is.... where can I find some fishing, (I know Wales is an option) but I was thinking my own county of Yorkshire, I dont mind paying, and I dont mind a bit of a drive, any advice would be most welcome lads, cheers.
  5. charlie caller

    Hw35 stripdown

    It needs a bit of resistance to push it down or its not doing its job, better still would be get the later piston or the conversion kit, and fit a Vortek seal on it, but test it, as they do tend to up the power quite a bit.
  6. charlie caller

    Nikon Monarch Scope SOLD

    Do you still have it mate, and can you put a picture up, is it px adjustable, side focus etc? I might know a chap for this.
  7. charlie caller

    Been a pleasure

    Hope it all works out brother.
  8. charlie caller

    Barnsley ferreting

    Welcome mate, it might help if you mention what you have on offer, people will be far more inclined to get in touch if they think you have some land and have something to bring to the table, cheers.
  9. charlie caller

    Whiskey delivered.

    Quite agree mate, that little bit of thought and a bottle here and there, works wonders, enjoy.
  10. charlie caller


    To be honest for me, its not about "why would someone shoot a nice bird like that" although I take your point, years ago the Fenland fowlers that scratched a living from the Ouse washes and similar places did shoot swans, and no doubt those swans fed some hungry mouths, during the last war plenty of swans will have been shot during rationing and lack of meat, and no doubt some still are, but this is not someone shooting a bird for the table, because their kids are hungry, I would be more than happy to shoot the odd swan if it were legal and they were abundant in an area, and I am sure they make a fine table bird, but as others have said there is something very fishy about this, lets hope the truth will out, but sadly where the RSPCA are concerned I very much doubt it.
  11. charlie caller


    Appalling, albeit illegal, I could maybe understand(not condone) someone shooting a swan for the table, but wanton slaughter like that is wrong, however if they had been run over by a car deliberately, would the RSPCA wan*ers be calling for tighter control on cars???????
  12. charlie caller

    .25 in 12 pfe for jackdaw??

    It should flatten them, correct me if I am wrong, but do you have no power limit in Holland? If so why not tune it to xxftlbs the more power the better I say, if you can.
  13. charlie caller


    Who cares when .177 is king mate.
  14. charlie caller

    Wh100 177 problems

    Fair enough mate, its not something I have ever encountered in 35 odd years of shooting air rifles, but there are exceptions to every rule.
  15. charlie caller

    lead free pellets

    As others have said absolute crap, what on earth is the dealer thinking of only stocking lead free crap, find another dealer, or buy online is my advice.