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  1. Huntin

    Long ears??

    You should know, you know everything
  2. Huntin

    Long ears??

    Ok thanks will do
  3. Huntin

    Long ears??

    Will you lick the butter out for me?
  4. Huntin

    Long ears??

    Thanks mate atleast someone can give advice
  5. Huntin

    Long ears??

    Just wondering on different peoples opinions power boy
  6. Huntin

    Long ears??

    Best time of the day to go hunting for them?
  7. Huntin


    Atleast foxes arent laughing at me when they see me coming unlike you
  8. Huntin


    I thought you knew everything
  9. Huntin


    I suppose sure who would know anything about lamping here all know alls
  10. Huntin


    Anyone ever catch red alive?
  11. Huntin

    Shaking lamp leaving it still?

    Is this to confuse the rabbit a bit when it gets close to the hedge?
  12. Which is better shaking the lamp while on a rabbit or leave it still see different people shake it and it others leave it??
  13. Thoughts on this x as an all rounder.
  14. Huntin

    Most quarry in 1 night?

    Cant take it dont give it!
  15. Just an interesting topic. Whats the most quarry anyone has got in one night with ONE dog?