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  1. Woodchip warbler ?
  2. All over social media ,few carp forums I'm on aren't happy
  3. What about snakesharks ??
  4. Rat-eating six-foot snakes breeding in UK again after 10,000 years Wales apparently, DC ,best get a mongoose !
  5. Carp jerky? Fishy and chewy ,like my nans flaps !
  6. Anyone see the guy have a 50lb +common from bluebell lakes Northampton, his mate said put in a sling and leave to recover ,matey puts it in a sling unzipped and hangs in a tree , and has a brew for ten mins ,his mate meant put in sling ,then in margins ,apparently its how he weighs all his fish!!
  7. Poxy farmers ,probably looking for a subsidy!
  8. Did that go back ,? If not ,good eating?
  9. Did that go back ,? If not ,good eating?
  10. Chris moyles ,nigel slatter,Jamie Oliver, dermot o leary ,matt Baker,Simon Cowell, Peter Jones, Alan sugar ,the twat in the flats at bottom of road ,Robbie Williams, all the neville family ,Vanessa feltz, just of the top of me head
  11. You granny basher ! Show your elders some respect!!
  12. A good memory for you ,along with a million more ,having read your posts !
  13. Well says a lot how you come across !!! Scag head shoplifter, just can't reach the top shelves ,allegedly???
  14. Under my bedchair ,
  15. 20 mins tops ! While he was forging a archimedes screw out of a land rover leaf spring
  16. Weapon of choice ,cheers Greyman, yet again ! Plus 10mm lead !
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