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  1. I hope they are both stabbed to death with a blunt toothbrush tonight !
  2. Just suggesting, not accusing, nonsense your spilling recently !
  3. Wilf ,use to think you were half decent, I now think you need an mri on your swede ,you ok ? Forgetting things ? Lashing out at Mrs and kids for no reason ??Leave your country cos of scum ,quickly eroding the good ethics of this once great country ,yet your supporting the degeneration of society ,hey ho ,you are a prick !
  4. Sounds like a typical teen,which he is entitled to be ,but luckily a credit to you ,has values and decency, well done mate
  5. Great work ethic ! Obviously from great parenting, pat on the back for dad ,mum and Flyn !
  6. Like they know all the cnuts that kill people in the name of Allah, negligence of the highest order ,and proudly admit it ,sorry your child was killed ,we were watching Muhammad, and knew he was dodgy ,didn't do anything tho !!!!!
  7. So what's the answer ? Your an intelligent bloke ,be interesting to hear your views, rather than mine ,of loads of.50 call on the coast line ,popping dinghies!
  8. A good majority of adverts portrait it ,birds kissing birds ,blokes kissing blokes ,bank adds ,supermarkets, ect ect ,I don't like the direction we are heading personally, all the time eroding values ,and decency,only my opinion
  9. My first attempt at Lancashire hotpot ,neck of lamb
  10. Make it punishable to enter country illegally, or make it easier to get in ,so you don't need a dinghy, cling to the axle of a hgv ! Bbc news ,can guess what those cnuts will go with !
  11. So much crap news about lately, finally good to hear some good !
  12. waltjnr


    Mmmmm! Good weekend there !
  13. Britain to stick up for themselves……we just don’t do that…… Any more! Unfortunately Quote
  14. waltjnr


    Will get back to you ,just tried pm you ,his no bull shitter ,has a less plants ,higher yield approach
  15. waltjnr


    40 oz off a plant ,doing it right ??
  16. Did hear ,17year old ,no passport, and controlling parents
  17. waltjnr


    Read what he did ,if I was a copper ,I would have dealt proper justice, f**k the job ,a human that just shouldn't be amongst us !
  18. waltjnr


    3 x child killer ,let out ,now banged up ,breached paroal apparently, how was that scum let out ??? David mcgreavy,killed a 9 month ,2 year ,and 4 year ,how could any one think that should be alive let alone out on paroal??
  19. News? Propaganda you mean ,scare mongering shit we are fed ,its why a piss poor single parent still has 50" plus of glorious HD feeding shit in to their heads
  20. Well a government ,that nearly every terrorist attack, has said yeah we was watching them,they were on a watch list !! Just how much do you think they care ? They Just sit back and watch how compliant this jelly back boned society has become ,can have a punch up in a pub over a spilled pint ,country over run with 3rd world scum ,just look the other way ! Oh well ,won't be long ,women and children in this carriage ,men in this one !
  21. Different to the other Spanish correspondent, tells us it's all rollerblading and chasing fanny !!!
  22. You nasty bit of work! I'd never put my princess in yellow !
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