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  1. If you hunt with or work a dog ,there's no way you can say that's OK, they are sick cnuts ,if karma exists I hope it catches up with them !
  2. waltjnr

    Pet hates.

    Complete waste of oxygen, pretty much like the rest of them
  3. waltjnr

    Horse cull

    Yeah bit like over here ,we're the abbo's all the worlds scum taking over ,shoot the whitey will be sport soon ,poor cunx happy with their witchery grubs ,and boomerangs ,then sent uk wrong uns, to enrich their lives
  4. see quite a few of these ,start the cull
  5. waltjnr

    Horse cull

    Plenty of feral yoots round here ,get the helicopters out !
  6. waltjnr

    Horse cull

    For the horses ,then lepoards for everything else
  7. waltjnr

    Horse cull

    Just grow ragwort everywhere
  8. Bloody hell ,how did nature cope before we come along ,just another knock on effect of what we've tampered ,messed with ,all this invasive crap ,all man's doing ,the worst invasive threat is ignored ,or welcomed here and given a house !
  9. I used to be a cubie for rmc ,I'd have to get concrete samples for my cubes ,I'd get on site park up next to the footings ,and wait for the mixer ,on the many occasions I'd fall asleep ,I'd always wake up with a bucket next to my van ,with some concrete, before they got the driver to piss it up ,always the irish lads, always had a lurcher or terrier in van ,that usually broke the ice and get them chatting
  10. Perfect, no duck embryo! Just great food you want to savour, not swallow quickly ,and erase from your mind what your eating !
  11. Devious scum ,make every immigrant live with them ,the 8 bed london gaff ,the holiday cottage in Cornwall, plenty of room ! We are mugs ,literally filling us up with 3rd world scum ,no enrichment, taking hospital beds from us ,and telling us the NHS couldn't run without migrant workers ! A country run by self serving pigs ,pure filth
  12. Is she well known in the states ? I'll have to dig out some amelia Elizabeth hobley howlers ,very niche the victorian lady killer jokes
  13. Especially if its suffered first !
  14. Biddy mulligans, the paper sold and collection glass passed round ,not my fondest memory of County Kilburn
  15. The national on paddy's night ! ,see the wolftones there ,brilliant nights! And almost zero agg ,
  16. Unfortunately them days long gone ,the irish ground workers I worked with 30 years ago ,old boys then ,were another level ,some great memories Kilburn, Cricklewood, going for guiness and salt beef sandwiches at smithfield Market 7am ,great memories, good ole boys !
  17. Bit acidic, thatchers gold as a regular, prefer flat cider ,but not about in my area
  18. Now we're talking ! I do like thatchers Katy !
  19. Joking mate ,just my sceptical mind
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