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  1. Is that normal in any circumstances, to retrieve your spouse's brain ,skull pieces? "I'll scoop that off the back of the car so doesn't ruin the paint work?"
  2. But well appreciated at the end of the day ,and looked brilliant, another string to your bow !
  3. Looks stunning ! A stressie day for you no doubt ?
  4. You watch the Exorcist now and it's pants, comical ,and in its day was scary, guess times change ,when Exorcist was out I'm guessing teens weren't stabbing each other up ?? I'm on about school kids ,not mods and rockers!
  5. Agree totally, you read the book ,and your imagination creates the story ,a film is someone's interruption of the story
  6. "Here's Johnny !" Come on classic , And nowadays what is scary ? Lol I've watched a heap of cartel executions ,Afghani russian war atrocities, what is scary ? Don't believe in ghosts, spirits ,afterlife, it was a good film ,jack Nicholson brilliant
  7. The Shining ,great film !
  8. I like Jennifer delaney on YouTube, pretty handy with a bow ,and knife !
  9. A nice fella and all my mates calling out "bream boy "
  10. Was looking forward to the comp ,and now realise I'm looking after a mates boarding kennels ,would have been a nice catch up ,if I can get Mrs to do that weekend at kennels, I'll be there
  11. Got 2 signed terry hearn books ,one a personal insult lol ,the other just a sig ,might be worth something one day ?
  12. Wow ! That is a memory ! Listening to him has made me think ,I'd like a go at that ,be different, not have to listen to the carp crap lol,be on a lake doing your own thing ,
  13. I'm guessing catching the uk record bumped the price up ,and as he says its out of print ,he's other book was 200 plus ,
  14. Story of the capture was good ,wouldn't mind reading the chronicles of and eel angler !
  15. All good ,just picking your brains
  16. Like that Frank!
  17. Perks ? All the hitch hikers you can handle ?
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