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  1. You've had a few goes making knives ,just accept its not your thing ,a few nice efforts, but obviously your not cut out for it ,try basket weaving, you might be a natural!
  2. Cheers mate absolute quality, ,let's hope theirs a lot of reduced chick peas!
  3. Think of what you can chore ! And you'll get first dibs on the reduced stuff ,if you haven't already had it !
  4. Savaged ,on Netflix, a moving ,eye opening experience, native Americans ,rednecks ,and a disabled girl ,and mixed race relationship,all combine to tell a tale of violence, love ,and cultural misunderstanding, a must watch !
  5. The judge's are shovelling shti up their pig snouts ,off the bellys of the kiddie whores they are preying on ,they don't give a f**k ,
  6. One in the channel ,see what it does to a 9.99 dinghy
  7. all the best ! penblwydd hapus
  8. Little does lurcherman887 know is my uncle Brian drives for cemex !
  9. Cheers Mack ,I'm off ,thanks for heads up ,you snitch !
  10. Kin ell ,you boys all part of "the family" what the kucf does some lurcher owner on here know about top level organised crime ?? Just cos your mate dave ,took steroids ,and worked a door on a shti club in Essex, could get you a few pills and a bit of sniff ,grow up lads get back to reality! And driving a forklift or what ever you try to do !
  11. Such a funny statement, I actually recall, saying vote Wilf ! As I actually liked ,agreed ,with a lot of your posts ,don't know if your under pressure, grief at home ? Cos you've changed ,not for the best,but hey ho it's an Internet forum ,will say the few guys I've met in the flesh on here ,(fishing comp) ,were 100% and great genuine guys .
  12. Gives the Land rover owners with their One life live it ! Stickers their one moment of glory!
  13. Was you wearing your ,wolf howling at moon t shirt ,listening to slipknot,at the time ? Bloody weirdos
  14. That's satirical humour, not benny Hill humour ,more grown up !
  15. About right you jump ship like a ships rat !
  16. Not killing everyone, but making people more compliant, getting us use to the new restrictions we will have to live with,
  17. Usually wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a wolf howling at the moon ,keep snakes ,a gamer ,warcraft ect ,probably breast fed into early teens !
  18. Same as ,just pointing out a very similar style copied by US special forces ,even said sheaths can fetch more than the knife ,if right one ,and less made of the stiletto, so rarer
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