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  1. Once you got him well ,was he easy to handle ? And nice he lives on ,living the dream ! Pongo the polecat ,not the baby welsh caiman ! !
  2. Well said bird ,something seems a bit suss ??
  3. 5 mins up the road to me ,is a feed place ,dog food ,chicken stuff ect ,one of the leopards got out years ago was up a tree on golf course ,got it back safely, think that was a snow leopard,not 100%
  4. I was waiting for the erectile dysfunction one !
  5. 37 yards ,it's helping reduce these b@#tards !
  6. Cheers phil ,should have posted in classic section ,which I'd class it as one
  7. Got to love news ,I just heard bottom of a cliff off a coastal path ,I suppose The Abyss is more dramatic
  8. Ask anyone who's done time abroad, whether they'd commit crime again, when your treated liked inconsequential filth who's life doesn't matter ,perhaps youd wake up ,hardest div over here wouldn't last a week in a south American prison
  9. waltjnr

    Blood test

    Just having a laugh ,a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing ! I've no knowledge, and didn't have the vaccine, just common sense and following my intuition
  10. waltjnr

    Blood test

    Kin ell no wonder Dr mosely has disappeared, he was intimidated by the hunting life GPs ,7 years of medical school ,when he could of visited his local gym a couple of times and learnt it all there
  11. Just been loaned one by a mate ,absolutely love it ,yeah it's single shot, but so accurate I've not been needing a 2nd ,basic ,simple ,and a joy to use ! Anyone else shooting one ?
  12. Left his phone behind ? Sort of seems a bit suspicious, it's sad we all carry our phones ,but for pics ,directions ect ,they do have a use ,a wild guess he was about to be exposed for something, so has topped himself? Or just in a taverna tanked up?
  13. Mmmmm I can see a pattern, man of travel! Been to a Greek island recently???
  14. I'm innocent honest guv !
  15. Hopefully he'll turn up ,did find him annoying, but wouldn't wish him dead
  16. They look frightening, not actually a spider ?
  17. Wolfie ,see any camel spiders ?
  18. waltjnr

    Blood test

    Trying to multi task sorry
  19. waltjnr

    Blood test

    Thought you couldn't get it twice ?
  20. waltjnr

    Blood test

    A few drops of laudanum, you'll be fine ,6 weeks of sea air whilst you convalecse,
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