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  1. My fried breakfast, don't compare ,you turn out some top food !!
  2. Tried to carbon date him !
  3. Not really ,couldn't give a flying fk ,they work hard for their money buy whatever car they want
  4. Don't mind driving a German motor tho
  5. A colour chart for cocoa content ? Dairymilk to Bournville
  6. Do they gays ,disabled ,gypsies get a special day ? Nah they don't monopolise the worlds banking , Sod being a gay disabled gypsie in them days !!! You were Fkcued !!!
  7. Stiff ,wouldn't you call it genocidal progression ,ghenkis didn't have zyklon b ,just swords ,bows ,I'm sure he'd of loved a way to top people quicker on a bigger scale ,some bloody times through history ,and the scale and lives lost only get bigger as we develop more ways to do it
  8. Throw in the atrocities the japs committed ,some of it in the name of science lol ! Those in charge, use us pawns to carry out diabolical acts ,yet them cutns are all in bed together lining their pockets ,same old story ,century after century,the pawns just become more compliant, more dumbed down ,making it easier for them ,monitored and tracked 24/7 mobile phones and all the other tech we use ,brain washed by media ,they've never had it easier ,
  9. Jocelyn lucas hunting over Wheathampstead, 50s I think
  10. Mine ,first was me brothers,gave him the double yoke
  11. Best black pudding I've had and it's not northern !
  12. Knew was ! I'm cooking up a heart attack
  13. Phew thought I'd get pelters for that ,was my genuine first thought,they might aswell used this !!plenty of jewish symbology they could have used ,must mean something to some nutty marketing guru
  14. Think they could have chosen a more fitting logo ,as soon as i saw it made think of below!
  15. Filth ! The powers that be can't fill this country with the worlds scum quick enough ,pity anyone with young kids ,
  16. Fully appreciate how unjust the banning of our ,hobbies ,way of life ,natural normal desire to hunt being taken away from us is hard to take ,but this is forced upon us by people who have flooded our country ,neighbourhoods, with dangerous, 3rd world scum ,yes your kids lives are worth less than a rabbit ,is way I see it ,the rot has set in ,hunting is way way way down on the list of priorities in protecting our way of life
  17. Forgotten how to do a link ,if you like a bit of smooth 60s soul ,Teskey brothers ! Easy on the ear
  18. They just happen to be black ,light brown ,or speak like borat ,typical pearly Kings and Queens ,
  19. I thought Albania runs London, home counties?
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