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  1. And the biggest stash of pre war suet !
  2. They know a steak ,now i know what it is ,bet it was the bollox ! You've upset norfolk ! Good luck with that
  3. Whys it pirouetting ? Just lay down and be eaten !
  4. You are dumpling obsessed man ! Some nice heavily buttered crusty bread is all that's needed with a stew !
  5. A belated happy birthday, looks like you had a good un !
  6. Mostly what they find is with the naked eye ,but occasionally detect it ,the si fella has a small hovercraft ,that gets him to some interesting spots ,dead mans Island? Skulls and human bones ,think it was a prison years ago,from roman stuff to modern 9mm pistols,
  7. Mack do you watch the mudlarkers on YouTube their's a few ,I like si finds ,and the blonde bird ,some proper interesting stuff they turn up ,all around Thames area ,which obviously is steeped in history, the si fella detects aswell ,
  8. waltjnr


    I see a dead munty on side of road ,a myxie rabbit ,and a couple of buzzards,
  9. Lol ! Is there anything you don't know about ! ?
  10. Have you done hot honey with chilli? Seems quite popular at the moment
  11. No offence Mack ,you've probably travelled more than her ,perhaps not so many war zones ??
  12. Another 500 in on dingys yesterday, we must be in the final years of calling this our country ?
  13. Sky burials are quite gruesome, but I suppose it returns the body to nature ,think THL's Kate adie ,might have witnessed one ?
  14. Hasselback potatoes ! Very fancy !
  15. Also seen ,and read about them ,bit mental ,but hey ho ,sure some amazon jungle native would look at most westerners lives as weird
  16. And his eggs are always spot on !
  17. Know ones said ,what machine?what signal ? Lol ,all for another forum ! ,to untrained eye looks great ,but who knows ??
  18. Just didn't know how it was found ,lol
  19. Melt it down weigh it in
  20. Getting where your coming from ,but what makes you say that ?
  21. Stunning coin ,and not quite a billion ,but deff worth a good few quid ,have you declared it to you local FLO ?
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