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  1. I meant stunning ,true craftsmanship!
  2. Katchum recommended me bekina steplitex ,mine are non toetectors, cracking boot for walking dog ,not done a serious march in them ,so light ,and tread is seriously agricultural
  3. Seeing loads on the roads ,even not so busy stretches, bumper year for them ?
  4. What colour is he ,? Some of you paddies look straight off the masai mara !
  5. Spot on Wilf ,every kin ad,and it's them with new BMW, lux car ,seen the mccans, ad full of white special needs !!
  6. Miss jock land ,fit as fuckk ,Wales looks like to be dragging their heels ,was expecting better ,have some stunners!
  7. Not the sex ,but the sound ,like a kin rottie guarding a bone ! I've had people down stairs jump ,and say what the f**k is that ?????
  8. Miss Englang ain't no better ,rehema muthamia nice old Anglo saxon name
  9. Someone just told me that ,was thinking they must have that wrong ,but guess not !! Shocking
  10. Well they now saying after 6 months ,vaccines effects a less ,oh well a booster jab ,that should fix it ! And we are just out of time to establish where ever covid came from !
  11. Just use a PIR sensor, no camera or light ,have it so pir sets off a light in your bedroom, grab bat and give justice
  12. Schools full of kids with special needs ! Adhd ect ect ,men identifying as women and visaversu ,lack of spine in most under 30s ,something is responsible,
  13. Fukc gonna get it now ! Calls me big head !
  14. Bosshog ,I recognise the leggings !
  15. Can't be arsed reading all the way back ,but just taking the last couple of posts , How the fukc anyone think the government, and its like ,give a monkeys about our well being, geezer goes physco with shotgun ,could have been prevented ,the afghan bollucks ,countless lives lost ,for what ???? Every other terrorist incident, they come out with, "oh yes we knew about them ,we had them under observation "a bunch of snakes ,should never be trusted ,and its going to get a whole lot worse ,fill the country with immigrants who are only a drain ,build over every bit of spare ground ,I'm so glad I
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