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  1. its all bollocks mate ,gov bullshite ,conspiracy bullshite ,just carry on as normal ,but stock up on bog rolls and beans ,dave down the pub gave me that tip!
  2. yeah id trust Gov,org ,cnuts feeding us shit ,lying scum who cheat there own flesh and blood ,really have our best interests at heart ,id trust rooney with me granny more!
  3. go get your stent sorted,stop worrying about flu
  4. a dash of HP or tabasco if i fancy some heat!
  5. die of of being smashed to siht in a car crash ,but test positive for "covid" thats what'll go on death certificate! load of corrupt bull locks !!
  6. Eggs could have been better ,kept me going till lunchtime!!
  7. Took this pic near start of epidemic, first lot of ppe my firm got ,General Electric ,not a little outfit
  8. Blow job sid always obliging!
  9. Wow an interesting topic ,and quite glad I bothered to try and be funny ,when it's far from a laughing matter, addiction is grim when it takes over your life ,and I reckon everyone has one ,even if it's just your mobile phone ,some are obviously far more life changing ,full respect to anyone whose beaten it !
  10. Remember reading junky by William Burroughs as a kid ,interesting read !
  11. From a bit of a sarcastic start with this thread on my part ,it's thrown up some interesting feedback ,fair play fireman ,you've been there ,interesting to hear your side!
  12. Just hearing on radio, Scotlands having its worst drug's crisis ! Sound really serious, so we need to donate ,every little helps ,anything you've got going spare ,that old strip of codeine, that half empty night nurse bottle ,it could all help !
  13. neighbours say my cross burnings are bad !
  14. Had this one in the kitchen the other morning!
  15. Stoned and f****d ,don't know if this is even funny thought Willie was older
  16. Along with the duct tape and chloroform, I always carry cable ties!
  17. Always knew Anita was a squirter!
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