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  1. I have it, but not had a bad do for a long while. Core muscle exercise is good for it and keep moving. Had a 3 week bout of it last year and could hardly move, it's not good when it comes on, but just take notice of the early warning signs and exercise
  2. It's well weathered now and still holding up ?
  3. Its mad keen, but the bugger would off on its tod hunting up all day, got to keep your eyes watching ?
  4. Lol ? I'm curious as I'm taking one out at the weekend see how it goes ?
  5. Nice one AT, how do you like the Tekel? Atb
  6. Sounds great NL, have a good one and plenty pics ?
  7. I know that bitch , will make some nice pups that pairing. Top class and great pic's ?
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